Best Eyeshadow Tips for Indian Skin Tones

Best Eyeshadow Tips for Indian Skin Tones

Wondering how to flatter your beautiful eyes by using the right shade of eyeshadow for Indian skin?

Eyeshadow can be intimidating, we get it. The choice of colors is endless; there are a million eyeshadow brushes, and jargon like "cut crease" and "smoky eye" make things even more complicated. While certain shades complement Indian skin tone, others may look odd and unflattering.

However, the thing is, these endless possibilities also make eyeshadows much more fun. Knowing how to apply eyeshadow and having the basics under your belt opens up a world of possibilities for you. Therefore, in this post, we'll be sharing the best and most flattering colors of eyeshadow for Indian skin tone, as well as eyeshadow tips and tricks to use them effectively!

How to Pick Eyeshadow Colors for Your Skin Color

Eyeshadow for Fair Skin Tones

For fair skin, eyeshadow options are limited. Try gold, bronze, taupe, rose gold, or champagne hues on light skin tones, which have a warm, earthy feel. You can also wear plum and green shades in shimmery finishes to lighten the area.

However, reds and pinks can give you an uneven finish, while neutral shades can blend directly into a fairer complexion and become invisible. If you have fair skin, you should also stay away from darker tones like gray which can give you a bruised appearance. 

Eyeshadow for Medium Skin Tones

A medium skin tone always appears slightly tanned because it has enough beige undertones. Warm, illuminating colors (think bronze, copper, honey, and gold)and metallic finishesare complementing eyeshadow colors for medium skin tone.

A rich blue stands out on medium-toned skin, and cool undertones, greys, or lavender will enhance your eye area. As pinks and reds wash out your skin's gold, you should avoid them.

Eyeshadow for Dusky Skin Tone

Dusky skin tones can go bold with their eye makeup colors. For a night look, you can apply rich eyeshadow colors for an intense finish that pops against your skin. If you’re getting ready for the day, try shimmery hues of burgundy and metallic gold eyeshadow for olive skin tone and get a neutral look that will complement your skin tone.

Make sure you stay away from anything ashy, pale, or variations of blue, pink, and green because they may make your eye area appear dull.

How to Apply Eyeshadow Like a Pro

Make sure your eyeshadow looks flawless with these eye makeup tips for Indian skin.

Prime Your Eyes

Similar to face primer keeping your foundation in place, eye primer prevents your eyeshadow from slipping off your lids when exposed to heat or moisture. Generally speaking, the more eye makeup you use, the more primer you need. If you don't want to spend money on an eye primer, you can use concealer on the eyelids instead.

Apply the product gently to the entire eyelid, up to the eyebrow, and even along the lower lash line for all-day wear.

Build Your Base

For the majority of eyeshadow looks, four shades are required: a neutral color for your lid, a medium color for your crease, dark color for your outer corner, and a light color for your inner corner and brow bone.

Whatever makeup look you want, your first eyeshadow shade should always be a neutral one that sweeps all the way across your eyelid. For natural looks, choose a close match to your skin tone, or go lighter and more shimmery for sparkly styles. You can also choose a color one shade darker than your skin tone if you want a smokey eye look.

Define Your Crease

The next step is to define your crease so that your eye makeup will have more dimension. As a result, your eyes will be widened and appear larger.

To define your crease, use a darker shade than what you used on your lid. Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush or angled crease brush, dip into a medium eyeshadow shade. After closing your eye, apply eyeshadow along the brow bone where your eyelid meets your eye.

When applying crease shade to deep-set or hooded eyelids, keep your eyes open to see where it will be most visible—probably above your actual eyelid. 

Blend, Blend, Blend

When applying eyeshadow, blending is an essential step, yet it is often overlooked. This technique allows you to combine as many colors as possible without making it evident where they begin and end.

Make sure the shades in your crease and outer V are seamlessly blended using a clean blending brush.

Define Your Lash Lines

After your shadow is blended perfectly, it’s time to define your lash line. 

If you wish, you can use a liquid or pencil eyeliner first. Depending on the look you prefer, you can either stop at the end of your lashes or build a winged liner look. Set your eyeliner with your angled eyeliner brush dipped in any shade of eyeshadow that matches your eyeliner.

Want to skip the eyeliner? Make a soft, smoked line on your upper and lower lash lines by dipping your eyeliner brush into your medium or dark eyeshadow.

Highlight Strategically

You can finish your eye makeup by using your lightest eyeshadow. To draw attention to the eyebrows, a highlight under the brow is a good idea. Adding a little highlight to the inner corners of tired eyes can also help wake them up.

Make your look more dramatic by topping off with a shade that has some shimmer. A cheek highlighter can also be used if you want to have megawatt shine.


The key to killer eye makeup is to use the right eyeshadow colors and to apply them correctly. Our aim with this blog is to solve both of these issues for all you Indian gals out there.

Try out the tips and tricks listed above, and your eye makeup will always look great.

Are there any other suggestions you would like to add? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!