10 Game-Changing Makeup Tricks for Narrow Faces

10 Game-Changing Makeup Tricks for Narrow Faces

Have trouble eliminating narrowness on the face? Looking for a more balanced face instantly? There is almost nothing a bit of makeup for long, thin face can't cure!

Almost all makeup lovers spend hours scrolling through YouTube and Instagram trying to figure out the right way to wear blush or contour their faces, overlooking face shapes. In case you are one of those people gifted with a long, narrow face and wonder "how to make face fuller", then you've come to the right place. Using these makeup tips for oblong faces, you can make your face look more plump. Read on!

#1 Avoid Creasing—Use Primer for a Fuller Face

Yes, we know. We always gush about how important primers are. But this is because of a good reason.

Not only does primer hold makeup for a long time, but it also prevents it from creasing. Crease gives the face a wrinkled appearance, which makes it look aged. As a result, thin facial features are highlighted more. Hence, investing in a good primer when applying makeup on thin faces is crucial to prevent creasing.

#2 Pick the Right Foundation Shade—for a Healthy Glow

Using lighter shades of foundation and concealer can make you look pale and sickly. Make sure the color you choose matches your skin tone and gives you a nice glow!

While choosing the right makeup is important for any face type, it's particularly important for narrow faces to choose the right base.

#3 Add Definition with the Perfect Base

Over the years, this beauty hack has gained a lot of momentum. Despite sounding counterintuitive, using an oil-free matte setting powder before applying your foundation has numerous benefits.

Makeup artists swear by this techniqueespecially if you want to add more definition and depth to your narrow face.

#4 Contour Right—to Create Shadows

Bronzing powder is one of the easiest ways to conceal a narrow face.

It's important to add contour along the chin in order to enhance the face's dimension. Ensure that you sweep a light layer over the temples, around the forehead, and most importantly, beneath the cheekbones. Blend everything together gently with a fluffy brush and translucent powder if the shading looks too harsh or unblended.

When it comes to contour for skinny face, keep in mind that less is more! The depth we desire can always be added on, but once we've put on too much, it's nearly impossible to take it off. As a result, working with powder contour is easier.

#5 Highlight on Point—Upward & Outward

Highlighters play a key role in widening a narrow face. Make sure to apply highlighter on the top of the cheeks, below the eyes, and on the forehead. When you strike these high points of your face, you will draw your audience's attention upward and outward. 

In contrast, we advise staying away from highlighting the chin and the length of the nose for a narrow face. Your face will appear longer if your chin is highlighted.

Don't forget to pop some above the eyebrows and on the tip of the nose. In essence, this will reduce the length of the sides by bringing these 2 high points further forward.

#6 Experiment with Blush—Use It to Sculpt Your Face

No matter what your face shape is, applying blush can be a daunting beauty step. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to choosing the right color and brush.  However, when you’re focusing on how to broaden your face using different shades, blush can be your best ally.

When applying blush, place it just below the apples of your cheeks, similarly to how you would apply bronzer or contour. As you apply, make sure you blend upwards towards your earlobes.

If possible, try picking a blush with a bit of shimmer and apply it closer to the apples of the cheeks. The shimmer adds a subtle highlight to your cheeks, which will make them appear fuller. Apply product sparingly so you don't overdo it.

#7 Focus on the Brows—to Extend the Width

Draw your eyebrows outward and extend them ever so slightly to give your face a little more width. For a natural-looking brow, use short strokes when drawing them in; otherwise, it may appear fake.

#8 Fuller Lashes—Compliment the Oblong Face

Another feature that beautifully complements an oval face is long and thick lashes. It doesn't take much to make your lashes appear fuller, bolder, and lusher with a little play-up. Adding a few swipes of volumizing mascara will give them some added impact if you have naturally good eyebrows. 

False eyelashes can save the day for everyone else. Be sure to choose faux eyelashes that flatter your eye shape rather than your face shape. You should choose light, curled eyelashes if your face is oval and your eyes are round; on the other hand, those with an oval face and monolids should opt for top-heavy false eyelashes.

#9 Play Up Your Eyes—Draw the Attention Upward!

A play-up on the eyes reduces the length of the face by drawing attention upward. The cat-eye is perfect for accomplishing this look, especially when the wing tips extend outward, widening your face.

Creating a cat-eye with eyeliner is simple—just remember to keep your face shape in mind. The more oval your face shape is, the more angular your cat-eye should be.

#10 Bangs Are Your BFFs—to Hit the Balance

Those with long faces will have no trouble pulling off bangs. The best bangs for you are straight-across, heavy bangs that fall at the brow line or slightly above it.

Extra hair on the forehead creates a sense of balance, drawing attention away from the narrowness of the face and the length of the chin.

In a Nutshell

At Faces Canada, we believe all face shapes are beautiful. You can, however, choose to go for a fuller look by adding more volume to your narrow faces.

Feel free to try these tips out, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!