From Office Siren to Espresso Makeup—2024’s Latest Makeup Trends

From Office Siren to Espresso Makeup—2024’s Latest Makeup Trends

Let’s take a look at 2024’s latest makeup trends that are a pretty good mix of 2023’s makeup trends and of course, trendy new additions. Just like every other thing, even makeup looks have been touched and influenced by the GenZ.

So, to remove any confusion you may have regarding the trending makeup looks of 2024, we have curated upcoming makeup trends of the year. Not just that, we have broken down these makeup looks so you don’t have to look for tutorial videos searching things like “how to get siren eyes?

Scroll ahead to get everything you need to know about latest trending makeup looks in 2024—right from the famous office siren aesthetic & blue eyeliner look to the famous smokey eyeshadows.

#1 Office Siren Makeup—the Famous TikTok Trend—AKA Geek Chic Look

Siren Eyes & Hydrated Yet Matte Skin, & Brown or Ombre Nude Lips


Think – that Bayonetta glasses-clad colleague who looks chic but also hardworking, and essentially reminds you of Gisele Bündchen in The Devil Wears Prada.

#2 Espresso Makeup—Beverage Makeup of 2024 after Latte Makeup in 2023—Deep Brown Tones

Monochromatic Look with Brown Lipstick, Mascara-Clad Lashes, Eye Makeup Closer to Grunge than Soft Smokey


Picture Latte Makeup but darker, a tad more sculpted, a tad more "coffee", and of course, mascara  lashes. Try and pair the look with an earthy-toned outfit like a muted green or mustard.

#3 Blue Eye Makeup—Another TikTok Prediction for 2024—Dark Blues, Pastel Blues, Shimmy Aquas, You Name It

You can choose your style here from a wide variety of blue hues: A chic pastel blue eyeshadow, blue lashes, shimmery blue lids, or even a bold blue eyeliner look


Imagine a 60s staple makeup look in a romantic movie but with blue eye makeup. Keep the lips neutral, like a pink nude, or a super-glossy peach.

#4 Soft Muted Blush Trend—of Course, Blush Draping Isn’t Going Anywhere—Idea Is to Bring All Focus to the Eye Makeup & Lips

Club it with your bold lips like plum, maroon, wine, classy red lip, shimmery blue eyeshadow, or the newest trend—black lipstick


Think soft blush—so natural you’d think there’s no blush in the makeup look but just your natural flush. Might work wonders with a good highlighter on the cheekbones though!

#5 “Indie Sleaze” Makeup Trend—AKA Party Girl Aesthetic—Indie Grunge Clubbed with 90s Grunge Look

Messy Eyeliner—“Oh I Slept on Last Night’s Eyeliner After Party”—matte nude lipstick without lipliner for blurred edges, wet-looking lip gloss on top



Imagine this look and add to it a natural-looking light-coverage dewy foundation—mixing strobe cream into your foundation will help. You’re welcome!

#6 Ultra-Highlighted, Bright T-Zone Look—Like the Early 90s—It’s Back, Just Like the Flash Photos

Go with your regular medium coverage foundation and set it with a lighter shade of Loose Powder—we want the 90s look but without the cakey base


Think of your regular makeup look, with a matte look on the rest of your face, bright, lifted blush, and a lot of highlighter on your T-Zone.

#7 High Blush Trend—Similar to 2023’s Lifted Blush, but Basically Using Blush as Bronzer to Contour—in a ‘C’ Shape

Simply apply your blush in a C shape beginning with your temple, down to your cheekbones


Picture your adventurous blush draping from 2023, but more adventurous by including a little further over the outer edge of your brow for that extra drama.

#8 Statement Colors for Eyes & Lips—Go All Out with Your Solid Red & Purple & Green & Blue Eyeliner Look—& Complimentary Bold Lips

More of an “enhance lips & eyes with bold, bright colors, and make the rest of your face look fresh & clean-girl-ish with just a sweep of blush” way to go.


Picture bold eyes with bold lips, to make it into a one-element look with a clean girl aesthetic—shocked with bold colors on eyes & lips.

So, which of these latest makeup trends are your new makeup favorites for 2024? Also, are there any trending makeup looks like smokey eyeshadows or ombre lips that you loved so much that you’re taking them into 2024?

We are in love with how Ombre lips have transitioned to two-toned lips, and how blue eye makeup is all over the place with peppy inner corner pop or blue or just a simple streak of blue eyeliner.

Tell us your favorite trending makeup looks in the comments. Have a gorgeous end of the season, XOXO, darlings! 🙂