Lipstick Guide—6 Types of Lipsticks Every Girl Needs

Lipstick Guide—6 Types of Lipsticks Every Girl Needs

We’ve got you a lipstick guide for beginners! Do you often wonder why there are so many types of lipsticks in the market, and what the uses of those different types of lipsticks are? But do you know, all these categories of lipsticks serve different purposes?

The variety of lipstick finishes, undertones, and consistency can make your makeup shopping trip seem more like a stressful chore than a fun experience, especially for beginners. But here's the thing: It doesn't need to be so hard.

So we have created this guide to familiarize you with the different types of lipsticks for beginners you can choose from and to help you decide which type will work best for which occasion or purpose.

1. Liquid Matte Lipstick—Long-Stay for Parties

Going to a party? Your lipstick must stay for longer, especially with all that food and drinks. Make sure you choose a long-stay lipstick that also doesn’t dry out your lips. For this, you need to look for a comfy, alcohol-free liquid lipstick because most liquid lipsticks have alcohol to make them long-lasting.

2. HD Matte Lipstick—for Everyday-Wear HD Finish

Choose a lightweight HD matte lipstick in everyday shades to wear at the office, for shopping plans, movie dates, and all-day events. They’re not just comfortable but super-lightweight, non-sticky, and come in various everyday wear shades. There are good options even with primer-infused formulas that keep your lips hydrated for hours together.

3. Lip Crayon–Your Multitasking Stick

Get a few bright colors of a hydrating lip crayon that’s comfortable enough to wear all day long, and goes with all types of college outfits, semi-formals, and even with ethnic wear.

4. Lip Gloss—to Glam up for Night Parties

Going for a night party? The best option is to go for a long-stay but non-sticky lip gloss. Although most lip glosses tend to be heavy & sticky, try and choose one that’s non-sticky and lightweight and makes your lips look plumper.

5. Multipurpose Tints–for a Natural Look

Get yourself a couple of multipurpose tints. These lip and cheek tints have been out there for a while now and they’re popular because they’re multipurpose, lightweight, and look natural. You can use the same tint as your lipstick, blush, and even eyeshadow!

6. Silky Matte Lipstick—for Long-Wear & Luxurious Comfort

Want that smooth, luxurious glide of color on your lips for a party? Go for a high-end luxury matte lipstick. You will see the difference in the final look once you wear it, especially in how comfortable these long-stay lipsticks are and how silky matte the look comes out.

We hope this lipstick guide and these lipstick tips for beginners will help you choose the best lipstick for your purpose out of the varieties available!

Also, don’t forget to read about how to find the perfect shade of lipstick for your skin tone. Let us know in the comment section below if you have any questions or if we’ve missed out on something. XOXO, darlings!