Must-Have Eye Makeup Products to Enhance Your Gorgeous Eyes!

Must-Have Eye Makeup Products to Enhance Your Gorgeous Eyes!

Get ready to elevate your makeup game with our list of essential eye makeup products. Whether you're wearing a simple outfit or a classy one, playing up your eyes is a sure-shot way to look drop-dead gorgeous without even trying. You can make your natural beauty stand out by adding a simple smattering of pigmented color across your lids or smudging eyeliner across your lashes.

Contrary to popular belief, getting your eye makeup A-game doesn't require you to spend an arm and a leg. Yes, that’s right. It only takes a few basic products from Faces Canada's amazing eye makeup collection to create any look you desire. Discover the list of basic eye makeup products every girl needs to have.

7 Eye Makeup Essentials by Faces Canada

#1 Fresh Eyes Kajal—Fresh, Super Black Eyes All Day Long

The eyes look brighter and more defined after a single swipe of a pigmented kajal. And with Fresh Eye Kajal, your kohl-lined eyes will feel light & fresh 24 hours long.

The convenient twist-up tip of Fresh Eyes Kajal effortlessly glides across lids. You can create lightweight lines with just a flick of the wrist—and get a very dark finish in no time at all.

This waterproof, smudge-proof kajal can be worn anywhere—even when you're tearing up during your favorite sad movie!

#2 Intense Gel Kajal—Transform Your Eyes in a Swipe

Let's be honest, we already know how important kajal is. There's no wonder two of these products made it onto our list of essential eye makeup products for beginners

The Intense Gel Kajal is known for its one-swipe application—no dragging, pulling or retracing your steps. With its waterproof, long-lasting coverage, you can dip in the pool even with eye makeup on. Our favorite feature of this kajal has to be its smudger—which makes creating smokey eyes super easy and fun.

#3 Magnet Eyes Mascara—Long, Thick, and Lightweight Lashes

There is nothing like mascara for enhancing the look of your eyes. Make your lashes appear bigger by applying a coat or two of Magnet Eyes Mascara. Get dramatic, intense, and full lashes that will last super long.

Using the soft brush will result in volumized, luscious lashes that remain smudge-proof throughout the day. It adds instant volume to your lashes by thickening, lengthening, and defining them without clumping.

This volumizing mascara is the best way to instantly wake up your eyes if you're not a big fan of kajal and eyeliner.

#4 Magneteyes Color Kajal—for an Edgy, Quirky Look

The jet black shade of kajal adds plenty of definition to the eyes, but it can also become monotonous after a while. Thanks to Magneteyes Color Kajal, we're adding a little color to your makeup look. You can keep your eyes looking fabulous all day with the transfer-resistant formula.

So add an element of self-appreciation and mermaid-esque touch to your look with some green pigment. You can also allow the deep blue shade to motivate you to rise and conquer the day without effort. The brown color can be your cape as you soar to the top of your game and become a superwoman. Or allow burgundy to enhance your naturally beautiful eyes, exuding the colors of love as you navigate life.

#5 A Matte Made in Heaven Ink Liner—Color-Rich Felt Tip Liner

Another product that can enhance your eye makeup is eyeliner. It's time to get those bold, jet-black eyes with A Matte Made in Heaven Ink Liner!

You can create elegant, fine lines with precision with this stylish liquid eyeliner pen. With a quick drying formula, this highly pigmented liquid eyeliner sets to a matte finish in seconds. Additionally, the liner boasts a classic felt tip and delivers excellent color payoff. It stays in place for up to 24 hours, thanks to the transfer-proof formula.

#6 Starry Eyes the Ultimate 18 Eyeshadow—Universally Flattering, Non-creasing Palette

Women who barely spend 5 minutes on their makeup each morning might not see eyeshadow palettes as essential products. Despite this, owning an eyeshadow palette with sparkly shades might prove useful.

Starry Eyes The Ultimate 18 Eyeshadow is a captivating palette of 18 versatile shades that can be layered in endless ways to create an array of looks. With this highly pigmented eye shadow palette, you can dress up your eyes for a day at work or a night out with the girls.

#7 Brow Shaping Kit—for Fluffy, Fuller Eyebrows

Your makeup look would be incomplete without perfectly groomed brows. Defining and shaping your eyebrows has never been easier with Ultime Pro Brow Shaping Kit, the all-in-one solution for brow definition.

At a very competitive price point, the kit contains a color pigment for coloring and defining the arch, along with a tinted wax for maintaining the color.

Basic Eye Makeup Tips Every Girl Must Know

Even if you’re a beauty enthusiast who already knows how to use eye makeup products, we bet you aren’t familiar with these all-fab eye makeup tips!

1. Eyes first, foundation second: You can make cleanup a breeze by applying eyeshadow before the foundation. As an alternative, you might want to hold a tissue under your eyes while you apply your eyeshadow.

2. Layer your liner: Have trouble creating a precise line that is inky black and perfectly flicked? Use a pencil liner to create the flick, then layer your liquid eyeliner over it. 

3. Start your kajal at the outer corners: When putting on kajal eyeliner, many girls begin by applying it from the inner corners to the outer corners. And because of the runny inner eye area, the kajal pencil gets wet and isn’t as intense. Hence, starting from the outer corners is the best way to apply kajal.

4. Curl your lashes: By curling the eyelashes before applying mascara, you extend their length and make them appear longer.


Make sure you buy the must-have makeup products on the list and follow the tips above to level up your eye makeup game.

Is there anything you want to add to the list of your favorite Faces Canada eye makeup products? Comment below to let us know!