Post Holi Skincare Tips Your Skin Will Thank You for!

Post Holi Skincare Tips Your Skin Will Thank You for!

We’re all super excited to celebrate Holi, especially this year. But between the colorful makeup looks, Holi parties, and everything else, there’s one thing we tend to forget—our skin! That’s the reason I have brought to you everything you need to know about Holi and post Holi skincare AND even a little bit of Holi special makeup for your after-party!

So, are you ready to rock your Holi party with perfect post Holi skincare and ravishing yet comfy Holi party makeup? Let’s go! :)

Remove the Gulaal with this Gentle yet Thorough Hydro Makeup Remover

Cleanse Your Face with a Hydrating Cleanser for All-day Glow

Now that you’re done cleansing your skin, here are some pre makeup tips, that are not just good for Holi special makeup but for any makeup look so that your skin is always naturally glowing, just like you! :)

A Good Moisturizer Goes a Long Way, Especially on Holi

I love this awesome blend of moisturizer + primer which keeps my skin healthy and naturally glowing.

Ace the Base with a Serum Foundation

Make sure to use a lightweight foundation so your skin can breathe after all that Holi fun with Gulaal. I love this 3X lightweight serum foundation that my skin loves!

Add that Glowing Matte Effect with a Loose Powder

I prefer this mineral loose powder that feels like nothing on my face.

Your face is now cleansed, moisturized, primed, and of course a superb matte—ready for the post-Holi Party makeup! Remember to go light on the post Holi evening party look.

Just a Little Bit of Kajal for Mesmerizing Eyes

The Super Matte yet Hydrating Long-stay Comfy Matte Liquid Lipstick

You Can Use It for Your Lip Makeup and as a Cream Blush

Some Mascara for the Eye Makeup Grand Finale

And of Course, Don’t Forget the Highlighter!

Voila!!! Not just Post Holi Skincare but Also Holi party-ready!

There you go! You are all ready with your Holi party look with our Holi makeup tips. Now all you need to do is sit back, relax, and have that amazing Holi dinner party after the super-fun Holi!'s the complete post Holi skincare and Holi post party makeup routine!

Have a safe, colorful, and happy Holi, my darlings! XOXO