Things My Makeup Would Say If It Could Talk

Things My Makeup Would Say If It Could Talk

Sometimes I think makeup quotes aren't enough for what my makeup routine is like. Like when I'm applying my eyeliner and it becomes too thick... Remember that one time just to make both eyes look the same, you ended up looking like a panda with super thick wings? We've all been there, babe.

But do you ever wonder what your makeup would say if it could talk? Mine would definitely ask me to stop overdoing it every time I thought that double wing or that red lipstick would be okay for a formal meeting (trust me you'd do the same if your crush is in the same room).

Here's what I think my eyeliner, foundation, lipsticks, and other makeup would say, it they could talk. Have fun! :)


Whenever I try applying winged eyeliner and end up like a panda.

"Can someone please tell her it's not Halloween yet."


Each time I wear the mascara, something has to happen to smudge it.


“My name is lipstick but you use me as a blush, as eyeshadow? What’s with you people!” And why can't I have enough red lipsticks? Even my lipsticks have given up on me.


“Lighter shade in the middle, darker on the edges. When will she learn!”


“What!!! I mean are you literally just skipping me?”


What would I even do without this BFF?

My personal favorite is the panda eyeliner. I'm so sure my eyeliner screams every time I refuse to stop making the line thicker and then laughs when I try to make both eyes equal... OMG thank God I'm past those days with this life saver!