Tips for Creating an On-Point Look with Traditional Makeup

Tips for Creating an On-Point Look with Traditional Makeup

Traditional makeup tips you can follow and recreateto make you look like the desi queen you are!

When it comes to makeup, wearing traditional outfits requires an entirely different approach. If your makeup is too loud, it will overpower your outfit, but if it is too subtle, it can underplay the entire look. 

While Indian festivals and events are all about having fun with family and friends, they are also a great excuse to get all decked out. Your outfits, jewelry, and accessories are probably all planned out, but what about your makeup? If you're clueless, don't worry. With these Indian traditional beauty tips, you'll look and feel your best on any occasion, regardless of whether you're a beauty novice or an expert.

Start with Amazing Skin—Glow from Within

Treating your skin well before any event will make you look radiantregardless of whether you wear makeup. In the days leading up to your event, take advantage of a facial session to improve your skin. 

That being said, another best way to induce a glow before your makeup is through gentle, yet thorough exfoliation. After that, moisturize your skin using a hydrating serum to ensure it's supple. This will not only ensure that your makeup stays in place all day, but will also set the tone for how your makeup looks.

Don’t Skip the Primer—Choose Long-Lasting Makeup

Would you like your makeup to last through every dance, toast, and picture you take? You can do that by applying a primer to your eyelids and face after you’re done with your CTM routine. 

The primer will ensure your skin is prepped and ready to take on any makeup you wish to apply. By blurring out your pores, you'll be able to apply your beauty products evenly. Using a primer will also prevent fine lines from being highlighted and it will help your makeup stay all day long!

Aim for Glowing Skin—but Don’t Let It Ruin Your Pictures

A radiant complexion never goes out of style. However, strobe effects look bad in photographs. So what do you do?

Powder your forehead, nose, and chin with translucent powder for better balance and shine control. Follow with a shimmery highlighter applied across the temples and cheekbones. Also, dab some highlighter under the brow bone and on the inner corners of the eyes to brighten them. You will achieve a sheer, natural appearance this way.

Match Your Makeup with the Accessories—Strike a Balance

The finishing touches of makeup and jewelry help tie your entire look together. Both add interest and personality to an outfit, and they can draw attention to particular areas or highlight your best features. Jewelry and accessories that match your makeup look, however, are the cherry on top. 

You can choose matte makeup if you plan to wear more traditional jewelry such as jhumkas and kundan necklaces. Alternatively, choose a nude makeup palette if you're going for a contemporary look.

Contour and Highlight—but Keep Things on the Lighter Side

Makeup is about confidence and wearing what works for you. Highlights and contours are okay, as long as they are applied with varying intensity depending on the event. When you are planning a day event with light colors, use a subtle contour.

On the other hand, when you are planning a nighttime event, you can go for a more dramatic contour.

Mascara-Clad Eyelashes—State Your Case with Your Lashes

The effects of volumizing your lashes with mascara are subtler than using falsies and will make your eyes stand out more. No better way to define your eyes, lengthen your lashes, and add some drama to your face.

If you want to keep your mascara on the whole night, waterproof products are the way to go, since they’re smudge-proof, and you won't have to worry about them melting off.

The Power of Brows—Embellish Your Face with Expressive Eyebrows

There's no doubt that bold eyebrows have been in the spotlight lately, and with good reason. Having bold eyebrows frames your eyes perfectly and draws attention to your best features.

If you have sparse brows, use an eyebrow pencil to sculpt and define them. Remember to use a light hand and create hair-like strokes throughout your brow. Once the hairs are in place, set them with a strong hold brow gel to keep them tame all day long.

Pick One Feature to Dramatize—When You Don’t Want to Overdo It

Desi girls have a way of pulling off strong eye and lip makeup at the same time. However, if you prefer something less bold, you can pick one between the eyes and lips.

That doesn’t mean you should completely ignore the feature that isn't getting enough attention. Use neutral lipstick or gloss if you are doing a smokey eye. Wearing bold lipstick? Keep your eye makeup simple: restrained eyeliner, nude eyeshadow.

Simple Manicure—Keeping Things Subtle

A well-manicured nail finish is another way to complete an Indian traditional makeup look. If you have a pink skin tone, go for neutral, softer shades.

Those with olive undertones should avoid white nail paint since it can look dull on them.

Set Your Look—Ensure Your Makeup Stays Put 

After all your hard work, it's imperative to set your makeup to keep it in place and last throughout the day. Use a setting spray to help lock your makeup in place and prevent it from sinking into lines. 

Translucent powder is also an option if you have oily skin or if you’ve used liquid or creamy products. Simply sweep the powder onto the areas you would like to set with a fluffy face brush and you’re done! 

The Bottom Line

Getting ready for a special event? No matter what the occasion is, we've compiled some makeup tips to ensure you look divine. Follow the traditional Indian makeup tutorial above, and slay any look you choose.

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