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Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara Black

High coverage, 3D volume lashes
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  • Excellent Color Payoff and Coverage
  • Phenomenal 3D Volume
  • Formulated with Plant Extract
  • Hourglass Shaped brush give lashes a panoramic effect

    Product Info

    Name & Address of Manufacturer:Regi India Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., C-08, Sara industrial estate Ltd., Chakrata Road, Rampur, Selaqui, Dehradun- 248197, Uttrakhand.

    Country of Origin:India

    Net Qty. (g/ml):13.5

    Ingredient List

    Aqua, synthetic beeswax, Stearic acid, Jojoba esters, Copernicia Cerifera Cera, Glycerine, Acrylates Copolymer, Aminomethyl Propanaol, Acacia Senagal gum, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Polysorbate -60, Disodium phosphate, Tocopherol, May contain CI 77499

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 27 reviews
        Fulva Uttam Shere

        Mascara last very long and top is easy and perfect to apply. Very happy with my product.

        Rabiya Riasat
        Very nice

        This mascara are beutiful.eyes are looking mast .give hevy curling lenthining

        Pooja gabhale

        Volume perfect matt mascara love this water proof

        Pragati Gawade

        It gives brilliant volumising effect plus it gives lengths to ur lashes 😍 I just in love this mascara from since I bought it
        See my before & aftr look

        Sakshi Khadye
        Natural lashes

        It’s dark, long lasting and gives great volume to lashes highly recommend!! Thanks facescanada ✨❤️

        Akansha Asawa
        Whopper lashes mascara

        No need fake lashesh, it give you 3d look, longer and dramatic lashesh...
        Also with hourglass shaped brush that separates coats and curls each lashesh...... Worth of money

        Sasmita singh
        Very nice muskara

        This mascara high definition finish karl length and volume not sticky this is amazing mascara

        Parwati Vanuku

        Whopper lashes Mascara to good 😊☺

        What is Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara, Black

        If you are looking for the best mascara, Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara may be just what you need! This latest innovation from Faces Canada will give you longer, fuller, and thicker lashes in just seconds! The ultra-black formula gives excellent definition to your eyes and will not clump or smudge. You can even apply it in the morning before work and it will still look great when you get home at night! If you have thin lashes that need volume, this is the product for you!

        Main Benefits

        Whopper Long Lash mascara transforms your eyelashes into beautiful, eye-catching works of art. With its one-coat coverage and a curved brush tip, you can build bold and luxurious lashes that grab every bit of attention.

        You'll get a blast of glossy volume that lengthens your eyelashes without clumping or flaking. Applying it is simple: just go through all your eyelashes once and you're done! This product has been dermatologically tested and proven to be gentle on the eyes. Your longest, most fabulous lashes are just a coat away with Ultime Pro HD Whopper Long Lash mascara!

        How to Use

        After cleaning your face and removing makeup, apply a thin layer of Ultime Pro HD moisturizer all over. Then use a gentle toner to even out your skin’s texture before you begin applying makeup.

        Apply only one coat of Ultime Pro Foundation using your fingertips. Once dry (this will take around 60 seconds), use a synthetic brush to blend in any areas that need extra coverage. Next up is eye shadow: Apply a medium shade to your entire eyelid and extend it out towards your brow bone for an easy look that works well for everyday wear.

        Does it Work?

        According to many different customer reviews, Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara is a product that does work. Reviewers describe their eyes as looking very beautiful and awake when wearing them. It is also said to help customers see why so many people love and wear mascara every day!

        With that being said, most of these people found that it was hard to get used to applying mascara using a brush like they were used to before. However, after some practice, they had gotten used to applying it and were happy with how amazing it looked on them. Customers also stated that they would recommend this product not only because of how great it looks but because of how affordable it is compared to other mascara-good brands today.

        Safety During Pregnancy/ Breastfeeding

        No clinical trials are proving that topical retinoids (Retin-A and Tazorac) can harm a developing baby during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, as with most medications, and because we don't yet know how retinoids interact with developing fetuses and breastfeeding babies, doctors advise against using them during these critical periods.

        Topical retinoids should be used only when necessary during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding. If you choose to use them while pregnant or nursing then it is important to check your progress with your doctor regularly. Discuss any risks versus benefits with your doctor before starting any treatment regimen of Accutane or other acne treatments while pregnant or nursing.

        What difference does Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara Black make?

        If you've never heard of a lash primer, it's like a base coat for your lashes. It helps create lift and separates every lash so that you can see and feel each one. She recommends placing a very small amount at both ends of your top lashes, then fanning out towards your outer corners. This will help to provide extra separation for when you apply mascara later on. The key with a primer is not to go overboard and end up with spidery lashes; aim for lift, but don't use too much product. You want it close enough that you can't see bare lashes through it, she says.

        How to use Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara, Black

        Whopper Lashes Mascara uses its thickening formula to add instant volume and length to your lashes. This mascara comes in Black, and it's designed to be long-lasting so you won't have to worry about reapplying it during the day. Whopper Lashes Mascara was designed with an hourglass-shaped brush that lets you grab every lash, even the tiny ones you can't see! The brush also separates and defines each lash so they look as full as possible once the formula dries.

        Step 1: Curl your eyelashes

        Use a curler for about 10 seconds before applying mascara. This will make your eyelashes appear longer and thicker. You can use a professional eyelash curler or even your fingers to curl your eyelashes—anything that helps them stand out from your eyes.

        We also recommend using eye makeup remover to remove all of your mascara after curling them, as it will help prevent clumping when you apply mascara later on. This is an optional step but something we highly recommend doing if you want to get maximum thickness from your whopper lash mascara!

        Step 2: Start at the top of your upper lash line

        Line up your Faces Canada mascara wand horizontally and wiggle it along your lash line. Go back and forth between your top lash line and bottom lash line to achieve maximum volume. If you want a more dramatic look, sweep upwards toward your brow bone.

        But be careful not to overdo it - that might lead to smudging later on. To avoid clumps, wait till you’ve applied one coat before applying another one. Once you're done with both eyes, let dry for two minutes. While waiting for it to dry off completely (around 15 minutes), apply eye cream or lotion under your eyes (for firming purposes). And that's all there is to it! You now have perfectly shaped eyebrows as well as a fierce set of lashes.

        Step 3: Extend the wand outwards

        When you do so, ensure that you don't bend it too much, or else it won't be as effective. Once your wand is extended outward for a few inches, start adding mascara to your top lashes by moving your wand in an upwards motion. Be sure to add mascara to every single lash on your lid if possible! That way you can make them pop!

        Step 4: Apply mascara to lower lashes

        Apply a second coat of mascara to your lower lashes. This will make them appear thicker and fuller as well. Tip: A lot of people don’t like using mascara on their lower lashes because it can get messy or fall under their eyes.

        A way to combat that is by taking small sections at a time and wiggling your wand from side to side as you pull through your bottom lash line—then release before going back in again so you don’t pull up any excess mascara from your upper lid. This helps lengthen your bottom lashes instead of just glopping black goo all over them for no reason.

        Step 5: Gently wiggle brush upwards and outwards

        Gently wiggle brush upwards and outwards to coat all of your lashes.

        Step 6: Finish off by applying mascara to the bottom inner corner of the eyes.

        After you apply your mascara with eyeliner to both top and bottom lash lines it is time to complete your eye makeup look by applying mascara. Apply a coat of mascara from top to bottom, focusing on building up the color to make your lashes look thicker. Allow another moment for your mascara to dry then dab

        on a couple of coats of waterproof setting spray. This will help keep you looking fresh all day long. You're finished now go out and rock those beautiful whopper lashes!

        How to prevent Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara Black from clumping

        We’ve all been there before—you reach into your makeup bag to apply your favorite mascara, only to find that it has completely clumped together and looks like one big mess rather than silky, separated lashes that look full and long. This problem can be avoided by using these smart tricks to keep your mascara from clumping.

        The right angle

        Most clumps occur when your mascara wand touches itself, not your lashes. To make sure you're applying correctly, start at the base of your lashes and wiggle upward in a zig-zag motion. The side-to-side motion helps to separate lashes and prevent those clumps that tend to stick together. Once you've applied three coats, apply an eyelash curler for added curl and drama!

        This technique makes all of your mascara look like it was professionally done! You can go without curling your eyelashes if you want as well, as long as you're using waterproof mascara. Curling can sometimes cause clumping issues if too much pressure is applied or if it's left on too long.

        The right wand

        Some mascaras come with a brush on one end and other, smaller brushes on the other end. Try these! The bigger brushes are great for lifting, separating, and lengthening your lashes while you can use the smaller brushes to define lashes at their roots. That way you can have all of your lash needs covered by just one mascara wand!

        Applying mascara

        One common mistake people make when applying mascara is getting it on their eyelids. This causes some mascara, especially waterproof formulas, to eventually flake onto your face and possibly even your clothing. To avoid rubbing your eyes and eyelids with mascara, apply one coat of mascara, then use a clean brush or dry-cleaners' version of a lint brush (they're very thin) to gently brush any clumps off your lashes before you apply another coat. If you have long eyelashes, you can also put down a thin line of Vaseline along with them so they don't stick together while they dry. (This step won't work as well if you have short lashes.) Just be sure not to get any Vaseline in your eye!

        Warming up the mascara before applying it

        By doing so, you’ll allow any clumps that may be present in your mascara formula to fall apart. Many people don’t notice until it’s too late, but mascara can sometimes form tiny clumps right at the opening of its tube.

        If you allow your mascara to warm up just a little bit before applying it, those tiny clumps should break down and won’t stick together when they make contact with your eyelashes. Some mascaras have warming mechanisms that will do most of this work for you; if yours doesn't, consider removing it from its tube and setting it on a mug or some other type of surface for about 20 seconds before application.

        Cleaning your mascara wand between uses

        It's as easy as unscrewing your wand, cleaning it off with a Q-tip, and wiping it on a tissue. Do it after every use if you have sensitive eyes or are prone to allergies. This extra step may even allow you to skip makeup remover for an all-natural nighttime routine.

        And, if you need another reason: A study in Allergology International found that of 250 subjects studied, 63 percent were allergic to mascara ingredients – especially fragrances. If you do experience redness, itching, or watery eyes while wearing mascara and experience no relief by cleaning your wand, wash your face and try another mascara's best brand.

        Blowing on your lashes after you apply mascara helps separate them and add definition

        Try not to blink too much while applying mascara. If you're struggling with clumpy lashes, try blowing on them after they're applied. This can help separate them and add definitions. But before you blow on your lashes, be sure your brush is dry.

        How to properly apply Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara Black for beginners

        A lot of new users make mistakes when applying mascara, like putting too much on, going too close to their eyelashes with it, or using a comb instead of a brush. To apply your mascara correctly, look down into a mirror and pull out your eyelashes so you can see all of them (this will also give you lashes that go on longer). Make sure your lashes are dry before you apply any product.

        Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara Black hacks

        The best mascara out there is the one that works best for you personally, and whether you’re aiming to create long, full, or mascara voluminous lashes, there are plenty of options out there to help you get the look you want. There are also plenty of tips and tricks to help you make the most of your lash products, too! Follow these mascara hacks from Whopper Lashes and I’m sure your lashes will never be the same again!

        Don’t rush the process

        A mistake that many people make when applying mascara is not taking their time. Whether you are looking for a natural or dramatic look, there is an application technique that will do it for you. Start with a primer, letting it dry before you begin. Next, use your ring finger (index and middle fingers) to apply mascara on your bottom lashes first.

        Bring them upwards following up with your index finger to apply mascara on your top lashes; be sure not to get any product into your eyes or onto other parts of your face. If you want more length, apply two coats of lengthening mascara followed by one coat of volumizing mascara. You can also vary between different types of mascaras during one application session if you want a combination look.

        Choose your mascara with care

        We’ve all been there. You buy a new mascara and kajal and it doesn’t work out quite as you hoped. Never fear—just remember that when it comes to applying mascara, as with most things in life, practice makes perfect.

        If your current mascara isn't delivering in terms of volume or length, try trying a new one out for size (for example, if you normally apply two coats of brand A mascara but only get a faint definition from it, try using three coats of brand B instead). The key is to keep on experimenting until you find something that works for you. If what you currently use just isn't cutting it anymore, check out our comparison chart of top mascara makeup products below and find yourself a winner!

        Use the right tools

        The at-home lash application can be tricky, especially if you're just getting started. A lot of people have trouble making sure their lashes don't look clumpy and that each lash gets enough product. The best way to avoid these problems is by using an eyelash curler before applying mascara.

        Curling your lashes will open up your eyes and make it easier for you to see where you need more mascara and where you need less. Make sure that you buy a high-quality, traditional eyelash curler—the kind with small plastic pads on a metal frame; otherwise, it can do more harm than good.

        Apply mascara properly

        Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way to apply mascara. Here’s how you can quickly achieve your dream lashes: Start by wiping any excess gunk off of your brush with a tissue.

        You should also make sure that your wand is clean before you get started—a quick wipe will do! When applying, start at the lash line as close to your natural lash line as possible. While sweeping upward, lift your eyelid slightly and look down into a mirror so that you can see what's going on in there! Then sweep outward from the lash root. If you notice clumps starting to form, stop and wait 20 seconds before applying more coats.

        Don’t be afraid to layer it on

        If you are using a volumizing mascara, it can be easy to overdo it. You want your lashes to look full and thick without clumps or weighing down your natural lash. The trick is not getting carried away with adding more and more coats of mascara so that you end up using too much product which weighs down your lashes.

        Use an eyelash curler: Curling your lashes before applying mascara will give you instant volume without weighing them down. Don't put too much pressure on them; just slowly curl from base to tap and hold for a few seconds while they set into place before moving onto other lashes.

        Keep your lashes trimmed and shaped

        Whopper Lash is a long-lasting mascara that does its job well. The results are beautiful and you’ll get asked if you’re wearing falsies. As with all mascaras, though, it tends to clump over time – and it clumps more quickly than most.

        That said, Whopper Lash is still considered a pretty good value by many Faces Canada mascara reviews on Amazon because while they end up having to use more coats than usual, they don't have to throw away their wands as often as other similar mascara price brands. To get some extra life out of your mascara tubes, consider trimming them before you toss them – just be sure not to take off too much so that you can still coat your lashes easily.

        Don’t touch them!

        If you have unruly brows, use a clear brow gel to smooth them out before applying mascara. Applying it over your brows will cause them to stiffen and will make them harder to apply makeup around. On top of that, if you take too much time brushing through your brows with a comb or brush afterward, you risk breaking off hairs that already look great. It’s always better for your lashes and brows if you just let them be as they are.

        Know when you need a touch-up

        No matter how careful you are, chances are, you’ll eventually get mascara on your skin or eyelid when applying. In those moments, knowing what to do can save you from a raccoon-eye situation and having to start over.

        The key is being prepared: Before every application, use gentle eye makeup and remove any excess mascara around your eyes so you don’t get black under your lower lashes while applying. Then dab some concealer just below your lash line before putting on another coat of mascara.

        How to apply Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara Black on the lower lashes properly

        A good mascara should be used on both your upper and lower lashes, as well as any other areas you may want to highlight. You can use a different brand of mascara on each section, or simply wipe off your wand after each application. You must clean off any excess mascara, otherwise, it will end up in clumps once it dries. When applying your mascara to lower lashes, begin at the roots and wiggle them upwards gently until they're coated. You can even hold them up while they dry if you'd like—it'll help keep them separated and prevent clumps. Don't forget about your waterline! Apply a coat of clear gel of mascara and eyeliner set or white pencil around your eyes before bed for an instant brightening effect in one step in the morning!

        How to get voluminous lashes

        You’ve just finished your nighttime skincare routine, and you’re laying in bed when you notice that some of your mascara eyelashes have fallen out overnight. Do you find yourself wondering how to get voluminous lashes? Here are a few things you can do to give your lashes the boost they need to make them look long and luscious.

        Don’t Worry

        When choosing a good mascara bottle, don’t worry about what it says about your face. You want something that will hold up for a long time and won’t flake off, even if you cry or rub your eyes. A good way to test a mascara is to see how well it stands up against the water. Hold it underwater for three seconds and then look at how much comes off onto a tissue or hand towel.

        It should stay on but not clump together (this indicates you may be getting too much product on your lashes). If your lashes still feel pretty wet after three seconds, check again in another 30 seconds.

        Consider Professional Services

        A professional mascara dry is a great option for achieving thicker-looking lashes. However, if you’re not sure about investing in mascaras that cost more than your average tube of toothpaste, try pairing a lengthening mascara with a volumizing one. All you have to do is apply multiple coats of your lengthening formula on top and bottom lashes, then use an old eyeliner brush or comb to add on a layer of volumizing formula. You should instantly see an increase in volume.

        Use a Lash Wand

        Those rubber wands you see with mascara? They can help put more mascara on your lashes. To get more out of it, first, comb your eyelashes so they're straight and facing downward. Then work some mascara onto a lash wand. Run it over your lashes from root to tip, adding more as needed. This is key; if you don't load up enough at first, you'll add too much during application and clump up your lashes instead of lengthening them. Repeat until the desired volume is achieved.

        Do Your Research

        Makeup trends are constantly evolving, but mascara always seems to stay relevant. If you want your makeup routine to be quick and easy (and who doesn’t?), take some time for research. Study how different brushes or formulas affect your eyelashes, then pick a few products that look like they will produce results you like.

        Remember that it’s easy to go overboard with mascara for volume and length—make sure you know how long you should keep applying each coat! For additional tips, ask around at your local makeup counter or salon; they should be happy to help and share their expertise with you. When it comes down to it, if you find a product that works for you, stick with it!

        Wear Makeup That Won’t Clump or Flake

        Makeup that clumps, flakes, or just plain fail to perform isn't worth it. As a bonus, avoid powder shadows (not all shadows are made equal) and try cream shadows instead.

        They glide on more easily and stay put all day long (no melting and smudging). Plus they often come in a wider range of shades than powders. When it comes to mascara—the single most important makeup product for your lashes—be sure you choose one that won’t clump or flake because these traits are instant eye turn-offs.

        Invest in Good Brushes and Tools

        Brushes and tools like mascara can make a difference in your makeup routine, helping you achieve a flawless look with minimal fuss. Investing in some high-quality brushes is worth it! 

        How to get elongated lashes

        The most effective way to get elongated lashes is to curl them. Curling will give you a more dramatic look and help your mascara last longer. Use an eyelash curler to shape your lashes before applying mascara. If you don't have one, try pinching your lashes upwards with a toothpick or bobby pin for about 30 seconds before applying the product.

        Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara Black, tips and tricks for beginners

        The good news is that it can be prevented and controlled. However, it takes some patience and care. The trick is in how you clean your mascara brush, which many people do not know or do not want to bother with. You need warm water, a soft brush, and a towel. First, make sure you use gentle pressure when applying mascara, otherwise, clumps form faster. Do not pump your wand into your mascara tube too often (or at all), as it will push air into your tube which can cause bacteria build-up and drying of mascara in time making it go bad before its expiry date. 

        How to remove Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara Black properly

        We’ve all experienced it. The big night out, the special occasion, and then, the next morning, you wake up to find your eyelashes coated in black mascara and liner from your new Ultime Pro HD Whopper Lashes Mascara Black by Faces Canada- and you are running late! Now, you need to know how to remove this mascara quickly so that you can get on with your day!

        Double cleanse

        That mascara on your upper lashes isn’t mascara waterproof, so you'll need a double to cleanse. First, use an oil-based cleanser or eye makeup remover to get rid of most of your mascara, then use a water-based one. This will help dissolve and remove any leftover residue while maintaining moisture around your eyes.

        If you don’t have an oil-based remover at home, you can try olive oil (but be careful—you want olive oil; vegetable oil is too heavy). Then gently rub in circles around your eye area until all traces of mascara are gone. Wash with cold water (and wipe excess off with a tissue) to close pores and end double cleansing on a moisturizing note!

        Use a gentle cleanser

        Because you’ll want to be sure not to tug at your lashes while removing your mascara, avoid any scrubbing motions. Instead, massage a gentle cleanser over your lashes and remove them with a clean wet washcloth. If you have access to a face cloth, use that; otherwise, simply make sure that whatever cloth you’re using is both clean and fresh from the laundry. Run it under warm water for a few seconds before moving on to Step 2.

        Wait a minute before rubbing your eyes

        Before reaching for your favorite eye makeup remover, give your mascara time to dry and harden on your lashes. Why? If you rub at your eyes right away, you'll have a higher chance of smearing mascara eyeliner and causing damage or irritation to your precious peepers. To properly remove Ultime pro HD whopper lashes mascara black, wait a few minutes before rubbing at all.

        Don’t use soap, harsh pads, or wipes on your eye area

        Using products that are too harsh on your skin or eyes can increase irritation and redness. These areas of your face are especially sensitive, and using a product formulated for your face will do more harm than good. Try lukewarm water and then gently pat your skin dry—you can use a clean towel or paper towel if you don't have access to water. Don't rub!

        Try an oil-based remover

        Warm water is best when you’re removing any kind of waterproof makeup. Heat opens your pores and makes it easier for makeup remover or cleanser to penetrate and break down waterproof formulas. Some removers even work better with a little bit of heat thrown in. If you don’t want to go through that step, just make sure that you use a makeup-removing cleanser or remover with oil These tend to be more viscous and are designed to easily remove heavier or waterproof formulas. They’ll also do a great job at dissolving anything else that might have stuck around from your daily face-washing routine (like regular foundation).

        Use warm water

        Warm water softens your lashes and opens up your pores, which makes getting mascara off easier. Apply a gentle eye makeup remover with warm water. It won't irritate your mascara eyes or leave you feeling icky. Stay away from the soap, though; soap is harsh on your skin and can cause irritation that leads to styes and infections.


        Is it long-lasting?

        Look for mascaras that are water-resistant and smudge-proof. Water-resistant mascaras won’t wash off if they come into contact with tears or perspiration, while smudge-proof formulas will resist flaking, even as you rub your eyes throughout the day. And try not to pump your mascara wand too many times—twice is usually enough.

        Is it safe for pregnant women?

        If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, be sure to consult with your doctor before using any new cosmetics. Especially ones that you put on your eyes.

        Is it smudge-proof?

        You can protect your mascara by sealing it. This coats your lashes with a layer of protection that helps prevent your mascara from smudging or running all over your face. Be sure to wait at least 30 seconds for it to dry before you continue the makeup application.

        Is the wand easy to use?

        Most mascara wands are generally easy to use, but some are difficult. Some people have small eyes, making it challenging for them to get every lash with a bigger wand. If you’re using a volumizing formula with a thick wand, chances are it’s not that easy for you to maneuver around your eyelid and especially corner lashes.

        Read more