Top 10 Easy Oily Skin Care Tips for Monsoons

Top 10 Easy Oily Skin Care Tips for Monsoons

Monsoon brings with it a lot of colors & good weather, but for oily skin owners, it also brings oily skin problems. The stickiness because of the humidity, the enlarged pores, more sebum production, and the biggest one of them all—acne! But you don’t have to worry about how to treat oily skin during monsoon 2023, because we have done the homework and have some special oily skin care tips for you. These are all home remedies that make monsoon oily skincare easier for you than you’d have thought.

So, scroll ahead and read up, of course, save these tips on monsoon skincare for oily skin for a glowing, healthy skin this monsoon.

#1 Sunscreen is Important—Choose a Lightweight Non-Sticky Sunscreen Gel & Lotion

#2 Don’t Skip Moisturizer—Use a Non-Sticky Gel-Based Moisturizer Instead

#3 Cleanse Face Twice—Even Thrice a Day If Needed—Include Salicylic Acid Facewash for Acne-Prone Skin

#4 Avoid Oily Foods—Because Oily Food Goes in = Oil Production Shoots Up

#5 Stay Hydrated—Keeps Oil in Control & Keeps You Glowing from Within

#6 Avoid Too Much Sugar, Alcohol, & Caffeine—Trust Us, It Helps

#7 Take Warm Showers—Not Just to Relax But to Increase Blood Circulation

#8 Use Toner—to Hydrate Skin, Works Even Better Right After Warm Showers

#9 Use a Good Quality Makeup Remover—Makeup Left on Face Overnight Is the Biggest Enemy of Your Skin

#10 Add a Clay Mask to Your Oily Skincare Routine—Keeps Oil in Control

If you want to use natural products for oily skincare, then it can be as simple as a multani mitti mask, which is also known as fuller’s earth, mixed with rose water, which is also cooling and skin-friendly.

Tell us, which one of these home remedies you have already been using for monsoon oily skincare, and if we’re missed any! Happy monsoon 2023, and XOXO, darlings!