Best Lipstick Shades to Go with Your College Outfits This Season

Best Lipstick Shades to Go with Your College Outfits This Season

A good lipstick can liven up almost any face. Girls in college know how difficult it is to stay fresh after early morning classes and late-evening lectures, so they always reach for their favorite lipstick shades to make them look rosy and awake. And who can blame them? It's amazing what lipstick can do for a tired face! 

However, choosing the right lipstick shade for college girls can be a bit tricky since it has to be appropriate, fun, AND suitable. To make your task easier, we’ve narrowed down a list of must-have lipstick shades for every college-goer out there. Read on to know more!

7 Everyday Lipstick Shades for College Girls


Mauve is a mixture of pink and purple that suits all skin tones. If you've an early morning class, wearing a hot pink or tangerine red may be too loud, while wearing a tease or a nude might be too subtle. Mauve lipsticks are the perfect lipstick shades for college girls.

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This color is perfect for putting emphasis on the eyes when wearing minimal makeup looks. You can pair your mauve lipstick with outfits in cool shades such as blue, purple, gray, pink, and so on!


Pink works well on every personality, especially the fun-loving and flirty ones!

Nothing says chic and feminine like a pink lipstick! And this is the most popular lipstick shade for girls in college. Pink lipsticks work magic on ladies of all complexions. 


A must-have lipstick shade for every ladywhether you’re a college going girl, or a working woman!

Going out on a Sunday morning brunch with your girlfriends and can’t decide on a color for your lips? Well, nude lipsticks are here to save you. They pair up well with every outfit without being too out there.

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With a nude shade available in the market for every skin-tone, you’re bound to find a shade that’s a perfect fit for you! Just make sure you do an undertone trial before buying your nude shade. Nude lipstick shade is the best everyday lipstick for girls.


Can there ever be a lipstick list without the forever-favorite red on it?

Every college girl must have a fiery red lipstick in their makeup bag. The rich red lip completes every power dressing outfit. Pair it with denims and sneakers for the college football match, or match it with an LBD for your Saturday night club hopping, and you’re ready to take on the world!

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Again, there’s a red lippie shade for every woman out there. You just need to find the one for you!


Brown shades are a great way to add a bit of boldness to your outfit without being too overwhelming. They're fun and flattering, and look like statement lips. Most importantly, they're comfortable and can be worn everydayespecially when you choose a matte finish. 

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What’s best is that this daily-use lipstick shade looks fantastic on almost every Indian skin tone. Wear your brown lipstick to class or to your college fest—it’s versatile enough to suit every look!


Any girl’s makeup bag must have a color that she uses just for special occasions. Wine shade can be the best everyday lipstick match for that!

This bold shade brightens your complexion instantly and makes you the spotlight no matter where you go. Get ready to woo your date at first sight with this stunning lip color. This versatile lipstick is perfect for people of all skin tones, making it a must-have for lipstick lovers!

Lip Balms

Now we know that lip balms aren’t technically lipsticks, but we couldn’t resist adding this to our list! For girls who prefer going to college without a hint of makeup, lip balms—especially the tinted ones—are a savior.

They moisturize your lips and make them shine in their natural color. Lipsticks are great for a polished look, but lip balms are the best if you want a little shine, from subtle to eye-catching.

Tips to Pair Your Lipstick with Your College Outfit

Finding the perfect lipstick color for a college going girl is important, but it’s all for nothing if you don’t pair it with the right outfit. Select the right lipstick to compliment your college outfit and tie the look together with this guide.

For Dull, Lighter Colors

Whenever you are wearing khaki, light gray or beige color, pair it with deeper and darker lip shades such as maroon, burgundy and plum. The summer season is a great time to start using this tip, since light colors are more popular than dark colors during this season. Light color lipstick shades is the best everyday lipstick color.

For Bright, Shiny Colors

Women tend to find it challenging to match outfit colors like yellow, mustard, orange, and hot red with their lip color. To balance out your appearance, we recommend investing in a pink lipstick. You can use this tip when wearing Indian wear or party dresses.

For Blacks and Whites

It is an age-old tradition to wear red lips with black and white clothes. This trick is not only always effective, but it will elevate all your monochrome outfits too! A deeper crimson is best, but if a bright one is your favorite, go for it, girl.

For Deep Colors

Nude lipsticks go perfectly with dark colored outfits. However, choosing the right nude lipstick shade for girl will depend on your outfit. A nude brown would look gorgeous with a cherry red dress; a nude pink would look stunning with either a royal blue sari or emerald green top.

So, to conclude…

Having the right lipstick for the right occasion is a must for every college going girl. And since there are only so many lipsticks you can buy with your pocket money, we hope this list helps you narrow down the staple beautiful lipstick shades for your makeup kit! Wear your favorite lip color to show off your beautiful style and gorgeous pout!

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Have any more recommendations you want us to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!