Perfect Lipstick Shades to Pick with Office Wear

Perfect Lipstick Shades to Pick with Office Wear

A working woman's daily makeup routine is incomplete without the perfect, matching lipstick shades for the office. And finding the perfect lipstick color is a never-ending quest—whether it’s for a night out on the town or a formal office look!

During the workweek, we're surrounded by deadlines, meetings, rushing between calls, and finishing projects. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, it is ideal to wear the perfect lipstick shade for the office that makes you feel powerful. 

The majority of working women, however, are often confused about what lipstick shades for office they should and shouldn't wear when getting ready for work. Our mission is to clear all your doubts by telling you exactly how to pick lipstick shades for the office and what are the must have formal wear lipstick shades you should include in your office makeup essentials bag. Read on!

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Office Wear Lipstick Shades

Mauve—Goes with Every Skintone

One-color that all office-going women adore is mauve. It has the appearance of a dusty rose because of its pale purple shade. This lipstick shade is generally preferred as an office-appropriate shade, hence mauve is also referred to as an office color.

This color goes with every skin tone, so you don't have to worry about it suiting your skin tone. A mauve lipstick will add vibrance to your entire face, and make you feel office-ready in seconds!

Brown—Subtle Yet Powerful for Any Look

Like most fashion and beauty trends that were popular in the 1990s, brown lipstick shades have made a comeback in recent times. And we can't get enough!

In between a nude lipstick and a deep, bold vampy lip, brown lipstick shades are extremely versatile and go well with every office attire. This one is a must have formal wear lipstick shade. In addition, you can also wear this shade to after-hours drinks at the pub.

Just remember to choose a brown lipstick shade darker than your skin tone, in order to avoid a goth look—unless that’s what you’re going for.

Nude—Works for Any Formal or Smart Casual Outfit!

When it comes to keeping things minimal and basic, nude lipstick is your best bet. Nude lipstick, with its various tones, has a really nice simple look that goes really well with formal clothing. 

Get your lips a healthy tint by choosing a nude shade with pink undertones and glossy texture. Make this a staple in your handbag by picking the undertones and shade that suits your skin tone the most.

Berry—the Perfect Lipstick Shade for a Cheerful Friday at Work

Berry-color lipstick is in for fall—whether it’s for a Sunday brunch with the girls or a client meeting for work. Wear this cheerful hue and get through your workday while looking chic.

Berry shades range from light to dark, so it's not hard to find one that's flattering for your complexion. So go ahead and pick the one that suits you best, and you'll be ready to rock your fall makeup look at work!

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Natural Pink—Great for Meetings AND Parties

Pink is the universal girly color—and the perfect fit for creative and fun-loving office goers!

You can achieve the "your lips but better" look by wearing a soft pink lipstick that is close to your natural lip color. And the best part? You can find pink lipstick for office wear to match any complexion.

Red—Perfect for Even Work, If Worn Correctly

We know what you’re thinking: “But red is a bit too bold for the office!” Hear us out. Although there are some strict rules related to work-related attire, wearing red lipstick is not one of them.

Red lipstick can be a very empowering color for women to wear at the office when worn correctly. You can easily pull off a red lipstick look at work by balancing your outfit with it. 

When you wear red as your office wear lipstick, keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Remember, you don’t want to look like you just stopped at work on the way to a party! Adding some black eyeliner and mascara to your eyes, and a bit of blush to your cheeks is all you need to complete the red lipstick office look.

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Coral—Funky, Yet Sometimes a Great Choice for Office Looks

Coral is a more bold and funky color compared to the rest, but it can work for office environments when done well. For a lighter appearance, dab the coral lipstick lightly on your lips and then dab some baby powder or foundation on top.

Again, keep the rest of your face neutral if you are planning on wearing coral lipstick to work.

How to Choose the Best Lipstick Colors for Every Skin Undertone

Finding the best lipstick for office use is easier when you know your undertone. 

Regardless of a person's skin color, every person's skin has a distinctive undertone. The pigment beneath your skin tone determines your true skin undertone.

Observe the veins on your wrist to determine the undertone of your skin. If your veins appear blue, your undertone is likely to be cool. If they appear greener, your undertone is likely to be warm. In the absence of either blue or green, your skin's undertone will likely be neutral.

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Lipstick for Cool Undertones

To match cool undertones, try choosing lip colors with the same hues in their base.

Lipsticks with blue or purple undertones are recommended for people with cool skin tones. If you are wearing a red lip, for example, you might prefer deep bluish-reds like cherry red to orange-tinted ones. 

Lipstick for Warm Undertones


If your skin has warm, golden, or olive undertones, you should choose a lip color that has those same undertones. 

Try to find red office wear lipsticks with an orange base, such as bricks and terracotta. You can also play with the tawny cranberry and chocolate lipstick shades for office.

Lipstick for Neutral Undertones


A neutral skin undertone means you don't have to worry about shade families when choosing lipstick shade for office.

You can pick a professional lipstick color from practically any family of tones if your undertones are neutral. 

Wrapping Up

There may be lipstick shades for office in more colors than in the rainbow, but not all might be suitable for work. Oh, by the way, this one's my favorite range of 9-hour long lasting, lightweight, smudge-proof office wear lipsticks; do try them out! My fave shade? This nude pink one, I swear by it to go with literally any outfit.

While an orange pucker or a violet daily office wear lipstick isn't welcome in every workspace, you can always choose from the shades we've suggested!

Are there any more colors you’d like to add to the office lipstick list? Let us know in the comment section below!

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