Celebrate World Chocolate Day with Glam Brown Makeup Ideas

Celebrate World Chocolate Day with Glam Brown Makeup Ideas

Each year on July 7, World Chocolate Day pays homage to the world's greatest culinary creation (sorry, pizza).  Chocolate lovers all over the world celebrate this day every year to indulge in their favorite treat guilt-free.

People typically celebrate this special day by having a mocha latte in the morning, picking up some chocolates at lunch, or drinking chocolate cocktails after work. However, if you’re a makeup lover—like us—you can go a step further to celebrate World Chocolate Day this year.

Make your day more fun by adding some chocolate to your makeup look and snapping a picture for the gram. Don’t know how to create the chocolate brown makeup look? Well, here are some brown makeup ideas for you.

The First Step Is to Create a Neutral Base

Prime It Up—for a Flawless Start

To achieve a stunning makeup look, you should always start with a primer. It prepares your skin for your makeup and helps it keep its place during the day.

Rub a small amount of your favorite hydrating primer onto your fingertips and apply it to your face. When you use a primer on your skin, you'll be able to create neutral makeup looks that are radiant and healthy.

A Foundation That Feels and Looks Like Your Skin, but Glowing!

For a neutral base, choose a foundation that will blend seamlessly into your skin and provide decent coverage without making you feel cakey.

For a natural-looking finish that can last up to 24 hours, use a lightweight foundation with a breathable, weightless formula. If you want a skin-like finish, use a damp makeup blender.

Conceal Away the Flaws

Concealer is your makeup savior if you have under-eye bags, dark circles, or other imperfections you'd like to conceal.

If you want your blemishes to seem less noticeable, pick a formula that's creaseless and apply it under your eyes.

Next, Add Back Some Color to Your Face

Give Your Skin a Warmer Tint

To prevent your World Chocolate Day makeup look from looking flat, brush some bronzer on your face. Get a natural-looking, luminous glow, by sweeping it across the hollows of your cheeks and along the tops of your forehead.

Flush with Some Nude Blush

In order to keep our makeup on the browner end, rosy cheeks are a big no-no. Choose a blush shade that adds warmth and color without being OTT.

Try a bronzed and brown wash of color on your face; brown cheekbones add aesthetic appeal. Focus the blush on your cheek apples, and then draw it back towards your temples.

Highlight the High Points

A makeup look isn’t complete without a highlighter. However, in some makeup looks—like this one—it's better to keep the illumination on the lighter side. Apply some highlighter on the higher points of your face using a light hand, and you’re good to go.

It's Eyes and Lips Turn—Let’s Begin the Fun!

Keep Things Glittering with Some Bold Lippie

Make your brown makeup look oh-so-subtle by applying light brown eyeshadow to your lids, and blending it well towards your creases. Next, create a slightly diagonal line toward the outer edge of the eye with some silver glitter and a small brush. And voila! 

Or you can simply go with a soft smokey eye with a golden brown shimmery touch to it! Wear dark chocolate brown lipstick to go with this glitter eyeshadow if you'd like to make it stand out.

Bold Brown Wings and Nude Lips

If you'd like to add drama to your chocolate brown makeup looks, this dark brown eyeshadow makeup is for you.

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To create an eye look that’s seamless, spread a brown eyeshadow across your lids and blend thoroughly. The next step is to apply brown eyeliner to help you achieve that precise, steady wing. Start with the inner corner of your eye and move outwards. When you reach the end, flick it. You're done!

Use a nude color lipstick to complete this bold look. Adding a dark shade to the look will detract attention from your eye makeup, and make you look over the top.

Smokey Eyes and Ombre Lips

If you think of the timeless smokey makeup look, you might envision a black smokey eye, but we can't stop digging brown smokey eyes—especially in honor of the upcoming Chocolate Day. Everyone looks great with the cocoa-hued eye, and it's a touch softer than the black smokey eye you're used to.

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To create the brown smokey eyes: Create the look by applying a matte, neutral mid-tone shade all over your eyelids. With a fluffy eyeshadow brush, apply a brown shadow at the outer corners of your eyes, packing it at your lash line and blending upwards and outwards to smooth any sharp lines.

Following that, apply eyeliner along your top and bottom lash lines, blending the top edge with a brush to soften it. Then, using the pencil brush, blend the dark eyeshadow you applied before two across your eyeliner to soften any harsh edges.

To create ombre lips: To mute your natural lip color, first apply concealer all over your lips. Next, apply the matte lipstick of your choice to the center of your lips.

Last but not least, blend your lipstick out lightly using the fluffy eyeshadow brush. The light concealer you use helps lift the color at the edges as you buff it out.

Time for Some Faux Freckles

Your brown makeup look is incomplete without some brown freckles decorating your face.

If you spend more time in the sun, you would naturally develop freckles on the top of your nose and cheeks, so take your brown pencil liner and lightly trace those areas. Just add a few stray freckles here and there, to make it look natural.

Once you have each freckle in place, apply a setting spray in an 'X' and 'T' motion over your face to lock it all in. That's it! So easy, wasn't it?

In a Nutshell

There it goes. A simple way to add some brown fun to your World Chocolate Day makeup look.

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