Glam & Safe DIY Colored Mascaras for Eye Makeup Lovers

Glam & Safe DIY Colored Mascaras for Eye Makeup Lovers

From vibrant pastels to rebellious reds, rainbow-colored mascara has made a big splash in the beauty worldspotted on celebrities and beauty bloggers alike.

In addition to adding an extra pop of color to any makeup look, colored mascara gives your eyes a brighter, more awake appearance. The best part is that these beauty arsenals are easy to wear and dramatic at the same time, offering maximum impact with minimal effort.

Having said that, we know it's difficult to find colored mascara at an affordable price. But what if we told you it isn't necessary to go to a market to buy one? DIY colored mascara is much easier to prepare. Here are two ways to do DIY colored mascara.

Method #1: Make Your Eyes Pop with Your Favorite Eyeshadow Hue

Of the two methods, we favor this oneit takes the least amount of effort and delivers the best colored mascara results in terms of color and quality. Additionally, it is amazingly versatile, as you can use it with any eye pigment you want!

To get started, you'll need:

Next, follow these steps:

  1. Apply some clear mascara on your eyelash as you normally would. That will give your eyeshadow a base to adhere to.
  2. Spray your spoolie with some makeup spray.
  3. Then, simply dip in your spoolie in the eyeshadow color of your choice.
  4. Just apply the color to your eyes as you normally would and voilà! 

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Pro Tip: Keep the layers thin when applying to your eyes to avoid clumpy lashes! If your lashes do end up clumping, you can separate them using either a lash comb or a separate, clean spoolie.

Method #2: Use Your Liner to Create Some Colored Lashes

It's another convenient and versatile option for volumizing and lengthening your lashes, but this time you’ll use a liner to apply color. As a bonus, there is no mixing involved, so there is significantly less product waste.

To get started, you'll need:

  • A mascara primer
  • A colorful liquid liner

Next, follow these steps:

  1. Curl your lashes as usual
  2. Prime your lashes with the best mascara primer
  3. After your lashes have dried, apply colored liquid liner on top of the primer
  4. It's done! You’ve got popping lashes.

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Pro Tip: The heavier you apply the mascara primer, the longer and fuller your lashes will be!

Which Mascara Color Is Right for You?

It's totally ok to wear any mascara color you want, but you'll find that certain shades are more flattering on certain eye colors. Here's how to find the right shade for your particular eye color.

For brown eyes: You can give your eyes the focus they deserve with an attention-grabbing blue mascara. 

For hazel eyes: Your colorful go-to mascara should be green! It'll play off the notes of green specs in your multicolored eyes wonderfully. 

For blue eyes: Make your eyes pop with violet mascara. With this rich color, you will be able to showcase ocean-like tones while still maintaining a bit of contrast. 

Colored Mascara Ideas & Looks for You to Create

It can be nerve-wracking to venture outside of your familiar black-lashed comfort zone. But there's no need to worry. Here are some hot-hued, colored mascara ideas & looks you can create to banish the beauty blues in no time.

Match Your Mascara with Your Eyeliner, or Better Yet—with Your Eye Color!

If you're the kind of person who never leaves the house without perfection when it comes to eyeliner and mascara, this is the look for you.

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While electric blues, pinks, and emerald greens make for a lovely festival eye, the dark purples and navy blues refresh the office look.

Stylish, Hued Lashes with Minimal Makeup

The next time you're looking to spruce up your daily makeup look but don't want your face to look too “loud,” try matching a brightly colored mascara with a bare-there face and lip makeup. Statement-colored lashes are a great way to add some color to your day, whether you are going on a picnic, out to the beach, or just generally getting a little more energetic.

Contrast Your Top and Bottom Lashes

Do you already possess expertise in applying colored mascaras? If you want to make a dramatic change in your look, why not go one step further and cover the top and bottom of your lashes in contrasting cute colors?

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For mermaid-worthy lashes, choose bright blues and aqua greens, or go bold with electric blue and orange.

Add a Pretty Pop of Color to Your Usual Black Mascara

Still not on board with multi-colored lashes? Try adding a subtle dash of color to your regular mascaraed eyes to ease yourself into the trend? 

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The idea is simple: Over black or brown mascara, apply a few swaths of any color and watch how they resemble peacock plumes when the light hits them. Add that extra flair to your work or college day with this look.

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Color Block with Lipstick

Trying out a totally different mascara color and matching it with an opposing lipstick shade may sound scary, but it can be quite fun! Maroon or red looks great with emerald lashes and orange lipstick looks great with blue lashes.

Definitely not the look for those who consider themselves make-up wallflowers, but pretty incredible nonetheless.

Match It to Your Outfit

For most of us, neutral makeup that goes with any outfit is always the best betmainly because it requires so little effort. Some makeup experts, however, encourage people to do the opposite and try monochromatic looks.

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If your outfit contains a hint of, say, blue or greenor whatever color you're trying to make stand outwear that same color on your lashes. Therefore, if you want to make a boring blue outfit into something fun, you can easily add blue mascara to your lashes.

In a Nutshell

Colored mascara is taking over the beauty world, whether it's with delicately coated tips or fiery fringes. And we don’t want you to miss out on this colorful trend.

You can create one of the beauty looks above by using our guide on "how to make colored mascara with eyeshadow at home.” Enjoy colored mascara ideas and do try DIY colored mascara at home. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comment section below!

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