Here's How You Can Master Your Tricks to Light Subtle Makeup

Here's How You Can Master Your Tricks to Light Subtle Makeup

Getting dolled up with a full face of foundation and bright red lips can be fun, but there are days when you want an effortless way to look and feel your best. It's days like these that call for a subtle makeup look.

While we can all appreciate a beautifully painted cat eye or a glamorous, over-the-top glitter eye makeup look, there are times when an understated subtle makeup look is more appropriate. Rather than sticking with your favorite vibrant colors, you can go for an elegant & subtle makeup look that will give you just the right amount of oomph and allow your natural beauty to shine. So how to do light makeup for Indian skin at home?

Here are some quick and easy tutorials that will help you achieve the subtle makeup look.

#1 Don’t Miss the Skincare

The key to great makeup is a flawless canvas, so following a good skincare routine is essential. This is especially important if you are putting on natural makeup since you will be wearing a lighter base.

Start by cleansing with a mild cleanser and then applying a toner and moisturizer. Making sure your skin is hydrated prevents the makeup from looking cakey and unnatural. 

Maintaining a good skincare routine (that you stick to daily) will keep your skin glowing and healthy-looking without having to use too much makeup. 

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#2 Primer Your Skin

Once you have cleansed, toned, and moisturized your skin, use a blurring primer to reduce large pores and achieve an even and smooth base.

A primer not only blurs wrinkles and pores, but also makes your foundation glide on smoothly and keeps it intact throughout the day.

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#3 Lay Down a Light Base

Our recommendation is to skip the foundation if you want a simple and quick no-makeup subtle makeup look. Alternatively, if you would still like to add a light layer of base, choose a very lightweight serum foundation that has sheer to light coverage. Your skin will look natural and the texture will show through.

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#4 Consider Foundation Alternatives

If you want some coverage without using something too heavy, CC creams and tinted moisturizers are great alternatives to your go-to foundation.

  • CC creams are designed to counter redness, blotchiness, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and dark spots—essentially helping to improve the appearance of anything "color" related.
  • Tinted moisturizers were originally designed as hydrating alternatives to foundation, but many of them now provide further benefits, such as antiaging and full coverage.

#5 Conceal Correctly

You can achieve flawless, subtle makeup looks by strategically concealing flaws and brightening up your complexion with a concealer.

To conceal spots, apply your concealer with a small, flat brush to cover up blemishes and dark spots. Put a small amount of concealer under your eyes and blend it with your fingers to create natural subtle makeup looks

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#6 Give Yourself a Cheeky Glow

With a little blush, you can enhance your natural & subtle makeup looks. Besides adding dimensions to your face, it gives you a youthful and healthy glow. 

Put a tiny bit of blush on the apples of your cheeks to give your face a natural flush. Use a warm-toned blush on your nose as well if you want a sun-kissed look to go with your subtle makeup.

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#7 Enhance Your Eyes

For a subtle makeup look, you need to keep your eyes simple and almost bare. Using a brown subtle eyeliner along your waterline helps define your eyes without making them appear too dramatic. 

Use a curling mascara to add some volume and oomph without looking like you're wearing falsies. 

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#8 Fill in the Brows

You cannot complete a makeup look without filling in your eyebrows. To create a more natural subtle makeup look, shade your eyebrows with brow gel, then use a spoolie to comb them through.

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#9 Subtle Eyeshadow

Use an eyeshadow to subtly define your eyes in order to take your subtle makeup to the next level. For a long-lasting look, apply an eyeshadow primer first.

Put on your eyeshadow next. Make sure you choose shades with matte finish (no shimmer this time around). Eyeshadow shades such as soft browns, beige, peach, and taupe compliment all eye colors, and don’t go over the top with their magic.

#10 Skip the Highlighter, or Don’t

You can enhance your cheekbones with a dab of pearly highlighting cream—a quick and easy way to liven up your complexion. Creamy highlighter formulas that melt into the skin instead of sitting on top and leaving a trail of glitter like some powders do are the most suitable for days when you want to wear minimal light makeup for Indian skin.

Note: You don't want to go overboard with the illuminator, even if you love highlighters. After all, a little shimmer is all you need for subtle makeup!

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#11 Color Your Lips

No one wants chapped, dry, or flaky lips! Exfoliate your lips using a gentle, hydrating lip scrub before applying lip balm.

Apply a nude lipstick that closely matches the color of your lips to keep your lips looking soft. Apply lip balm to add shine and hydrate your lips.

#12 Skip the Brushes

Fingers are the best blenders for creamy makeup products. When you apply makeup with your fingers, you get a natural skin-like finish since your fingers melt everything into every crevice while massaging the makeup into your pores.

#13 Lock in Your Subtle Makeup Look with Setting Spray

After completing all the steps, it's time to use a setting spray to keep your subtle makeup look in place.

As opposed to powder, which can make your face appear cakey, using a spray is the best way to achieve a natural makeup look. Stick with a makeup fixer for a dewy, radiant complexion instead. 

The Bottom Line

Trends in beauty may come and go, but natural, glowing makeup will always be in. Using the above steps to create a subtle makeup look will not only save you time in the morning, but will also help you flaunt your natural beauty.

Do you have any more subtle makeup tricks to add to the list? Or did one of these steps strike a cord within you?

Let us know in the comment section below