Peach Makeup Look—Heres' How You Can Slay the Trend

Peach Makeup Look—Heres' How You Can Slay the Trend

Every now and then, a makeup trend takes over the beauty world and social media by storm. In this year's edition, it's the peach makeup look. A younger and calmer sister of orange, peach graces the runway this spring/summer during fashion month. It seems as if everybody on Instagram is wearing their fresh peach makeup looks right now, and we can't get enough of them.

The best part? This color offers warm, flushed tones that work for both daytime and evening makeup looks—all year round. The following guide takes you step-by-step through the process of wearing peach makeup on the eyes, lips, or cheeks (or all three) for a monochromatic look or a luminous look. Get your peach makeup ideas by scrolling down!

How to Do Peach Makeup—a Step-By-Step Guide for Creating the Look

The Prep—Establish the Foundation for Glowing Skin

The first step to a glowing complexion is healthy skin. Prepare and nourish the skin well with a hydrating moisturizer.

After that, use a refreshing face primer to refine and smoothen your pores and make your makeup look flawless.

Conceal & Cover—for a Natural, Healthy-Looking Base

Spot-apply a creaseless concealer where necessary to cover any imperfections. It not only conceals blemishes and dark circles but also moisturizes and keeps the skin healthy.

A concealer wand with a pointed tip is perfect for using under your eyes or around your nose for targeted concealing. Use your fingers or a foundation brush to blend. You can apply a CC cream on the rest of your face or choose to go bare.

Set with Powder—Lock in the Look

Apply compact matte powder over your base to give your skin an airbrushed finish. Make sure you choose a light, nourishing formula that blends seamlessly and provides great coverage.

Adding a few light sprays of makeup setting mist will help remove the powdery finish while adding a luminous, more realistic, and dewy appearance.

Blush Time—Swirl, Sculpt, and Smile

This step is the star of the look! Use a vibrant peach blush to give your face a just-pinched rosy glow without looking powdery.

Take a small amount of blush on a blush brush, then gently dab on your cheeks, concentrating the color intensity on the apples. 

Highlighter & Bronzer—to Ace the Glow

When it comes to bronzer and highlighter, going light is the key. Apply bronzer to a makeup brush and sweep it along your forehead, temples, and cheekbones—basically anywhere the sun is likely to strike.

Next, a subtle highlighter will give you a naturally radiant look, so make sure you blend it well after applying it.

Peachy Eyes—a Light Up for Your Lids

After applying a neutral base shadow on the eyes, blend out a peach eyeshadow in the same shade as your blush. If you want to add more definition, add a subtle liquid eyeliner. Apply mascara to the eyes to complete the look.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have an eyeshadow shade to match your blush, simply apply the blush over your eyes. No one will know! You may also add a touch of pink with a contrasting pink eyeliner with your eyeshadow itself.

Put On Lipstick—the Finale Touch

Adding glossy lips and brushed-up eyebrows completes the overall look. Brush back your eyebrows using a spoolie and set them using some brow wax.

Using your finger, dab on peach lipstick for a natural effect that can be slowly built up. A flirty lip gloss with a super sheer formula will enhance your pout, add a nice dash of moisture, and look just lovely! 

Recreate These Alternative Peach Makeup Looks

Now that you’ve seen the OG peach makeup look, A.K.A the monochrome peach makeup look that has taken over the internet, you might be wondering if there are any other variants you can recreate. Luckily for you, there are! And we’ve brought all of them together for you.

#1 Be Bolder with Your Eyes—Mute the Rest of Your Look

A dramatic winged eyeliner and intense peach tones are a sure-fire way to make a statement.

This makeup look is perfect for drawing attention to your beautiful eyes by putting some brighter peach on your eyes, and more muted tones on your cheeks and lips. 

#2 Go Creamy—Multitask with Your Lipstick

Using cream products instead of powder is a useful tip when wearing peach tones for everyday makeup. Why is that? In a hurry, the cream blends effortlessly onto the skin without streaking and is the ideal formula to use.

You can easily recreate this makeup look using your favorite creamy lipstick or lip gloss. Using your finger or a soft brush, blend the product directly onto the eyes and cheeks. Using your finger, lightly blot the same product onto your lips. 

#3 Focus on Lips & Cheeks—Sunkissed Look

Our eyes are drawn to this sun-kissed display, which reminds us of a juicy Georgia peach. We love how the skin looks so dewy and hydrated while having just the right amount of color.

We are mesmerized by peachy-pink cheeks and lips complemented by nude eyelids.

#4 Smokey Eyes—Lids That Say Everything

Smoky eyes needn't be mysterious and dark. It's easy to create depth and definition with various shades from a peach eyeshadow palette.

Apply a touch of lighter peach eyeshadow to your upper lid using an eye shadow brush. Next, apply a darker peach shade to your crease and brow bone using an angled shadow brush. Finish with a matte or shimmery near-white eye shadow around the inner corner of your eye and just under the tail of your brow bone. Voila! Totally peach and ready for anything the day brings.

#5 Only on the Cheeks—Flushed Peach

When you apply a touch of peach to the cheeks, your skin exudes the natural flush everyone craves after yoga.

A dewy, cream blush is perfect all year long, even during the colder months.

The Bottom Line

Are you ready to jump on the peach makeup bandwagon? If so, then you might enjoy trying the monochrome peach makeup look or any of the other peach styles above.

Are there any other peach makeup ideas you'd like to share? Post a photo of your look on Instagram and tag us!