5 things Your Travel Makeup Bag Needs—Glow on the Go

5 things Your Travel Makeup Bag Needs—Glow on the Go

When talking about travel, skincare must be one of the most underrated things. We always remember to pack those hot party dresses, those hiking shoes, and those dangly earrings. But the most unorganized part of our travel packing is the travel makeup bag essentials.

Of course, travel means fun, new friends, happening places. But travel also means sunburn, messy hair, and skin damage. That makes sorting your travel makeup kit one of the most essential things. Because who wants to look burnt, blotchy, and unkempt in those memorable photos!

We curated some easy-to-follow travel skincare tips that will come in handy for your next adventure! Here are 5 simple things you can carry to take care of your skin while travelling:

First Things First—a Spacious and Big Travel Makeup Bag

It will keep everything in place and is something you can neatly and safely pack between your clothes. Choose a large travel makeup kit that saves space, saves the products from getting broken, and saves you from having to find every item separately packed in the backpack.

Wherever You’re Going, Don't Forget the Travel Sunscreen

Everybody loves that beautiful golden tan, but the lack of good sunscreen could make you look like a lobster that's been left in the pot too long. You can choose any sunscreen you'd like, make sure you choose an SPF 30 or higher. Sun Defence Lotion SPF40 is the one I love not just for the strong sun protection but for the long-lasting, lightweight moisturization.

A Mini Makeup Pack inside Your Main Travel Makeup Kit

Coz you never know when you might get lucky on that solo trip! ;) This mini pouch should have your 3 to 4 go-to makeup products. Mine usually has a lip balm, a dark waterproof long-stay liner/kajal, my favourite red matte lipstick, a good CC cream for a quick natural glow, and an ultime pro face palette with a bronzer, highlighter and blush. (Of course, don’t forget to pack the blush brush!)

A Hydrating Moisturizer

Especially if travelling during winters. I really like this tinted moisturizer for my go-to glow even when I don’t have more time to spare than for a quick shower. You could also go for, if it’s a winter trip, especially if you have dry skin. I never forget to carry this naturally hydrating moisturizer - Hydro Face Moisturiser, that lasts for several hours together even in harsh winters.

A Good Makeup Remover

Because you wanna look all fresh to restart that hike or ride! And you obviously don't wanna wake up looking like a zombie attacked your tent last night. I find makeup removal wipes super handy and space-saving when I’m travelling, especially while backpacking. They’re lightweight and don’t carry the risk of spillage in my bag.

Other than these, there are a few obvious must-haves like your hairbrush, hair serum, and nail clipper.

If you have these few things in your makeup travel bag, trust me, you are never going to have to rush to the salon as soon as you return from your trip. After all, you deserve to travel without having to worry about anything, not even your skin. Let us know your ideas or if we’ve missed anything in our travel makeup kit, in the comments below.

Happy travelling! :)

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