Ways to Apply Blush According to Face Shapes

Ways to Apply Blush According to Face Shapes

In theory, applying blush seems relatively straightforward: You swirl your brush into the blusher, then dust it on your face, right? While this seems to be the most basic method of blush placement, applying it strategically to your bone structure can make your face look incredibly flattering.

You may find it difficult to lock down the best method on how to apply blush on face because there are so many techniques, tips, and tricks to choose from.

We're taking away all the noise and simplifying things. We're going to tell you where to apply blush for face shapes—regardless of whether your face is round, square, oval, or heart-shaped.

But first, Identify Your Face Shape

Generally, there are six different types of face shapes:

  • Oval
  • The length of oval faces is greater than their width and they are proportional on a vertical plane.

    A person with an oval face usually has a round jawline and chin. Most oval-faced people have a broad forehead.

  • Round
  • The characteristic features of a round face are its short length, soft features, and wide hairline. In a round face, the cheekbones are the widest part, while the forehead and jawline have a similar width.

  • Square
  • A square face is characterized by a wide hairline and a strong jawline. This face shape has similar widths in the forehead, cheekbones, and jawline, and its length is similar to its width.

  • Rectangle
  • A rectangle face shape—also called an oblong face shape or a long face shape—is a variation of the square face shape. A person with this face shape generally has a long forehead, round cheeks, and a wide jawline.

  • Heart
  • Faces with heart-shaped features typically have a narrow, delicate chin, like the lower point of a heart (hence their name). This face shape is usually characterized by a pointed hairline. They are generally widest at the cheekbones.

  • Diamond
  • Diamond face shapes are variations of heart shapes. People with this face shape are characterized by a pointed chin and high cheekbones. Diamond-shaped faces typically have a narrow forehead.

    How to Choose the Right Blush Shade For Your Skin Tone?

    Choosing the best blush color is as important as applying it correctly, or you might end up with an undesirable look!

    In all face shapes, blushes look best when the color is a bit darker than the cheekbone, as it enhances the natural glow of your face, giving you the appearance of being naturally flushed on all face shapes. The application of too bright a color or too large an area could give off an unwanted appearance.

    The key is to hold the brush slightly at an angle, so that part of it only touches your cheek at a time. The lighter and more complementary the blush's color is to your skin tone, the more natural and blended it would appear. Explore a variety of shades and styles to find your best option.

    How to Apply Blush for Your Face Shape?

    To know where to apply blush for different face shapes, follow this guide:

    How to Use Blush on Oval Face

    If your face is oval, you're in luck. You can pretty much apply your blush anywhere on your face, with one exception.

    Just make sure you don't apply blush under your cheekbones since that's where you should contour. Using blush under the cheekbones can result in a windburn look rather than a glowing complexion.

    How to Apply Blush to a Round Face

    Applying blush to a round faceblush can be tricky, as you would want the blush to double as a contour and highlight your cheekbones. That way, your round face will appear more elongated and defined.

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    To achieve that, initially apply blush to your cheeks a little below the apples, and then extend it upward, towards the hairline. After you’ve applied the blush, blend it upwards and outwards for a natural finish. This will give your face a more lifted, angular appearance. 

    Additionally, try not to blend your blush in toward your nose since this can make your face look rounder.

    How to Apply Blush on Rectangle Face

    With a long face, there is more room for adding blush. Dab some blush under the eyes and blend to your cheekbones. 

    By balancing out the natural length of your face using horizontal strokes of blush on your face, you can give the illusion of width. Blend the blush smoothly so that the pop of color appears natural. It's best to use subtle blush colors when applying this technique, rather than bright shades.

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    How to Use Blush on Diamond Face

    When you have a diamond-shaped face, you want to emphasize your lower half, but never apply blush to the hollows underneath your cheekbones.

    You should apply it to the top of your cheekbones and blend it towards your ears. This will draw attention downwards and highlight your cheekbones at the same time!

    How to Use Blush on Heart Shaped Face

    Makeup for a heart-shaped face is difficult, but it doesn't have to be! Heart-shaped faces are typically longer and have prominent cheekbones and a narrow chin. 

    When you have a heart-shaped face, apply blush along the bottom of the cheekbones in a "C" shape going from the top of your temple down. Your goal is to mimic contouring. By bringing more attention to your cheekbones, you will be able to balance your strong jawline.


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    In order to create a balance between your forehead and chin, you can also apply blush to the center of your forehead.

    How to Apply Blush on Square Face


    Are you dealing with a square face? Keep things simple by applying blush to your cheeks' apples. Doing this will also help to soften an angular face. 

    Make sure you apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks, then blend it outward for a soft look. If you want to avoid the illusion of a wider face, avoid blending the product too far out horizontally.

    Wrapping Up.

    Applying the right tint of blush to the right part of your face can give you a picture-perfect look. When used correctly, the provided how to apply blush tricks will help you make slim cheeks appear fuller and chubby cheeks appear slimmer. 

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    Did this blog help you figure out your face shape? Let us know in the comments section below!