Hop on the Bold Blush Makeup Trend of 2022

Hop on the Bold Blush Makeup Trend of 2022

As far as makeup trends are concerned, blush may be low on the list. Blush makeup looks come after eye makeup looks and lipstick trends. Nonetheless, now that we are stepping out of the house after spending months barefaced inside, the bold statement blush makeup looks have become more popular. And the evidence is all around us.

During the Met Gala show 2022, and Cannes Film Festival 2022, bold blush looks were everywhere. On the red carpet this year, celebrities were spotted boasting a variety of blush makeup—from Kris Jenner’s tinted “Dewy Cheeks” to Tessa Thompson, who went all out with the “Melting Color” Makeup.

That's not all! These days, thousands of young women are creating “BlushTok” videos showing how to get a lifted and glowing appearance on TikTok. The transformation videos of these biggest beauty trends of 2022 we have seen so far have left us intrigued. We're sure you're feeling the same way. 

In order to satisfy your curiosity—and ours—we have dived deep into this 2022 makeup trend, and have attempted to outline everything we learned. Read on!

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The Bold Blush Look - Latest Gorgeous New Makeup Trends of 2022

Take a look at what bold blush—aka the big makeup trend of 2022—has brought forth so far.

To Shimmer or Not to Shimmer?

It's the age-old question: blush makeup look shimmer or no shimmer? 

And the answer is: most popular formulas for 2022 have a bit of shimmer, enough to give an elegant glow, without being overly sparkly. While matte products have their place, the shimmer just added a bit more 'oomph' to any look. Blush makeup look with sparkles is a fun way to add a little glimmer to your face.

To jump on this bold blush makeup look trend 2022 wagon, try the Ultime Pro Hd Lights Camera Blush, which gives you a highlighter and blush hybrid that looks stunning in the light. You'll find it adds just the right amount of color and shimmer to your cheeks

Blush Shades

The makeup trends of 2022 are bringing back a great deal of oranges, corals, rosy tones, and fuchsias.

Easy to apply, these earth tone cream blushes allow people to embrace and incorporate them into a makeup look easily.

The Draping Effect

As part of the top makeup looks of 2022, blush is now applied to fun places like the temples and the cheekbone. This trend, known as the blush draping trend, is expected to be big in the upcoming spring-summer. 

A major benefit of this look is that it creates a natural lift together with fresh-looking skin, enhancing your confidence in an instant. 

In a nutshell, blush draping is all about contouring with blush in place of a bronzer. To achieve this look, apply blush in a "C" shape, starting at the temple and moving down toward the cheekbones, then upward and over the outer edges of your eyebrows. Blend, and you have it—the Draping Effect!

Creamy Formulas

Infusing color into the cheeks can be achieved with both cream blushes and powder blushes. And although none of these products is better than the other, creamy blush makeup look surely has taken up the mantle of top makeup trends of 2022. 

The 2022 beauty trends are all about achieving that dewy look, and cream blush makeup look is perfect to achieve that. Blended gently, cream blush creates a flawless look that stays put for hours.

Don’t have a palette of creamy blush handy? Here’s a DIY that can help you!

Blush DIY: Powder to Cream

You need just two ingredients to create the best cream blush that you have ever used! All you need to do is mix your favorite powder blush with a lightweight serum foundation. Mix it really well and your cream blush is ready to apply!

Another easy DIY cream blush is to use a long-lasting, hydrating liquid lipstick as cream blush! It works wonders, especially during summers when cream blushes usually seem heavy on the cheeks, a lightweight liquid lipstick would be more comfortable.

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Here's one more quick and easy way you can make your own cream blush.



How to Pair Blush With Different Lipstick Shades

There's a never-ending selection of blushes and lipsticks to choose from, making finding the perfect pair a challenge. When choosing lipstick and blush shades, go with products with the same undertones (warm, cool, or neutral) without being too matchy-matchy.

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Lipstick for Classic Pink Blush

Classic pink blush makeup look is timeless. Whenever you want a post-workout glow, it's the closest color to a natural flush. For a vintage look, wear it with a matte pink lipstick.

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Lipstick for Rose Blush

Red lips are always a great complement to rose blush, no matter the finish. Don't be afraid to apply blush generously if you decide to go with stained lips. In contrast, if you plan to use a matte lip, apply your blush sparingly. Balance is key.

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Lipstick for Plum Blush

It's best to pair red-violet shades such as plum with a similar-toned lipstick. Try pairing a sheer plum blush with a glossy plum lipstick. A pop of bold color on the cheeks with a dialed-down intensity of the lips makes this perfect for more natural blush makeup look-loving women.

Lipstick for Wine Blush

Keep it within the family for this rather sultry look. The general rule is that if your lip color resembles anything from a vineyard (e.g. merlot, port, burgundy, claret), it's best to choose a blush that resembles it, too!

Again, the darker the shade of your lip, the lighter the color of your blush should be and vice versa.

The Takeaway

Say goodbye to putting on a minimal blush for your makeup look. This year's beauty trends are all about bold blush looks! 

What is your favorite part of one of the biggest beauty trends of 2022? Let us know in the comments section below!

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