Your Makeup Guide to Slaying All the Pool Parties This Summer

Your Makeup Guide to Slaying All the Pool Parties This Summer

Pool parties can be somewhat of a makeup or no-makeup debate. Putting on a full face of makeup for a pool party only to take a dip in the water might seem silly, but no makeup can leave you looking a little “washed up.” However, the good news is—it doesn’t have to be this way.

By applying the right products in the right manner, you can make sure that your pool parties aren’t a total beauty disaster.

Now you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing you can put your best foot forward and look your best inside and out of the water. Keep your glam face on whole day with this 12-step guide of waterproof wonders—regardless of the sand, sun, or sweat.

#1 Even Out the Base

There’s really nothing cute about a greasy, sweaty face — especially when posing for pictures poolside. Luckily for you, there are Hydrating Moisturizers out there that get absorbed instantly, has anti-aging benefits, helps improve the skin tone and texture, and protects from the sun.

Get a perfectly moisturized rejuvenated summer proof makeup face with this magic product. 

#2 Slather on the SPF

Our very existence can be attributed to the sun, which does us immense good. However, it may not be the greatest friend for our skin. Applying enough sunscreen with your summer party makeup is essential if you're attending a pool party during the day.

But in case you want to skip this step, make sure other products in your makeup regime have inbuilt SPF properties—like the moisturizer in the last step!

#3 Prime & Prep

Sun exposure can cause your face to sweat and may smudge your makeup. Use a mattifying primer before applying your face makeup to prevent this.

With a good mattifying and lightweight perfecting primer, you will be able to get long-lasting makeup all day. This primer will also help reduce the appearance of pores and make you look more youthful.

#4 Chic Coverage

Steer clear of covering your whole face with foundation to avoid smudge mishaps. A good quality CC cream will provide adequate coverage if you really need it. The CC cream effectively disguises fine lines and blemishes while leaving the skin looking radiant and healthy. Before you hit the pool, apply and blend it well.

#5 Smooth Away the Imperfections 

Using concealer to reduce dark circles under your eyes is never a bad idea. By concealing, you can accentuate the high points of your face, like the bridge of your nose, middle of your forehead, and top of your cheekbones.

Try a lightweight, easy to use concealer for a natural, yet snatched look at your pool party. The highly blendable formula lends a soft velvety finish and gives medium to high coverage.

#6 Bronzify Your Skin

The fact that we are not all naturally blessed with the bronzing genes of Beyoncé does not mean we can't and won't fake it all summer long.

The lightweight bronzer that comes with Ultime Pro Face Palette lets you go to the beach/pool looking radiant and leave with that glow as well. Trust us, it is a must-have for your beach bag.

#7 Stay Rosy

Brush your cheeks with pink or rose blush to make them look naturally flushed. To make your skin look fresh and healthier, apply it to the apples of your cheeks. Choose the Perfect Blush if you want a natural look for your pool party.

#8 Put Some Glow On

Highlight your pool party makeup look with a—well—highlighter.

Apply a lightweight yet glowy, shiny highlighter to your cheekbones in an upward motion, then to the bridge, tip, and cupid's bow of your nose. This will give your skin a dazzling shine and glow.

#9 Neutral and Nude Eyes

Even though we absolutely love a bold, bright eye, perhaps a pool party is not the best place to try one. Rather than glittery eye makeup, opt for a neutral and nude makeup look.

To achieve fine, natural-looking, and defined eyebrows, use an easy-to-use, natural brow defining pencil to fill in sparse or uneven brows. If you want to color your eyelids, use a nude shadow from your eyeshadow palette. For a long-lasting effect, apply a few coats of a waterproof mascara to your lashes to finish off your pool party makeup.

#10 Or Who Stops You, Go, Add a Lil Bit of Drama

Can't resist the bold and beautiful when it comes to eye makeup? Then this step is for you!

Feel free to wear those sexy cat-eye summer makeup looks without worrying about them becoming cat-astrophic when they hit the water with some waterproof liner. Use a waterproof, smudge-proof, long-stay eyeliner that keeps you worry free all day.

Make sure it’s transfer-resistant, smudge-proof, and a waterproof makeup item, and that it stays intact for hours, because we know your party will last that long! ;)

#11 Pucker Up

Easily maintain your pout and keep your lips looking luscious with a long-lasting lip color that won't fade.  Featuring 12 beautiful shades and super nourishing formula that provides the ultimate moisture and comfort to your lips, Comfy Matte Liquid Lipstick will keep you looking fab while you soak up the sun. 

If you want to keep it rather simple, or if you’re someone who wears lipstick less often, you can choose a moisturizing, SPF rich tinted lip balm. It will keep your lips happy and at the same time sexy for that pool party!

#12 Set It Right

The last thing you want is to go through a makeup meltdown during a super sexy pool party. Thanks to setting sprays, however, you can extend the wear of your makeup.

Pick a hydrating, non-sticky makeup fixer that provides a matte finish while controlling extra shine, and leaves no room for touch-ups. The spritz prevents your best makeup for pool party from melting or fading, hydrates the skin, and protects it from pollutants and radicals.


Before you head off to the pool with your gang, follow these steps and pack these pool party essentials to make yourself look like a million bucks. And you're all done and ready for the next pool party of the season. 

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