From Blue Eyeliner to Eyeshadow, Brilliant Ways to Include Blue in Your Makeup

From Blue Eyeliner to Eyeshadow, Brilliant Ways to Include Blue in Your Makeup

Always get bowled over looking at your friends rocking those blue eyeliner makeup looks? What else could be better to change your whole makeup game than to include blue in your eye makeup.

Of course, blue can be a tricky color in makeup. So, I have done the homework for you and brought you 5 awesome ways to brighten up your makeup looks. From blue eyeliner and blue kajal to blue eyeshadow, here’s everything blue you need!

A Mesmerizing Deeper than the Ocean Blue Eyeshadow Look

Literally wanna make them drown in your eyes? This ocean like blue eyeshadow look is just perfect for that date night. I have gotten all my friends one of this Mermaid Eyeshadow Palette and now it’s your turn!

This Brilliant Metallic Blue Kajal

If you’re more into metallic shades, this azure twist blue kajal liner online is soon to become the favorite thing on your dresser.

An Awesome Electric Blue Smokey Eye

You can slay this blue smokey eye makeup look with this highly pigmented color eye pencil online that I totally swear by.

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A Superb Glitter Blue Eyeliner Makeup Look

If you’re a fan of glitters, this classy dark blue glitter eyeliner online is perfect for your weekend clubbing plans.

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I know I have given you enough options to shop for your blue eyeliners and blue eyeshadows like a pro and enough blue eye makeup look ideas for the next many weekends. So, what are you waiting for, babe! Just rock those mermaid eyes and blue smokey eyes and let me know how many drowned in those ocean eyes. ;) XOXO, darlings.