6 Colorful Eyeshadow Looks for Spring Summer 2022

6 Colorful Eyeshadow Looks for Spring Summer 2022

From smokey eyes to cat eyeliner, if anything can make or break a look, it is eye makeup. Even a simple eye makeup that suits your look and personality can make a huge difference.

Since spring is just around the corner, we have brought you some of our favorite colorful eyeshadow looks that you can recreate for your spring summer 2022 parties. So let’s dive into some amazing colourful eyeshadow ideas:

This Colorful Yet Simple Eye Makeup Look

It uses Blues, purple, and Pink eyeliner So Amazingly! Just use shimmery purple eyeliner on the outer corners, bright pink on the inner corners, and a nice blue and black cat eyeliner to create this look.

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This Shiny Blue and Green Eye Makeup Look

Look at the perfect cat winged eyeliner that brings spring to your eyes!

Use Metallic Blue Eyeshadow Colors

The smokey eyes and bright gold on the lower lid are just what you need to slay the night look. We are in love with this colorful eyemakeup look.

This Brilliant Golden Eyeshadow Look

Blended with gorgeous smokey eyes and a fox eyeliner, this look is our new favorite with the perfectly loaded lashes and well-set brows!

Don't forget to do the smokey eye on the lower lash line using a smooth smudge-proof gel kajal.

This Halo Eyes Look

The look will slay them at first sight with earthy yet shimmery eyeshadow shades. Make sure to smudge the lower lid using the shame shade too.

This Shimmery Pink Eyeshadow look

With that perfect rose gold eyeshadow and the precise cat eyeliner, this will mesmer-eyes anyone. So hot!


We love how these simple yet colorful eyeshadow looks are. Plus, you can totally play with more colors and create your own colorful eyeshadow looks depending on the occasion and mood!

You can get these beautiful eyeshadow makeup looks and a lot of others using all-rounder colourful eyeshadow palettes that have intense colors and are highly pigmented. 

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