Get Classy Professional Office Look Everyday

Get Classy Professional Office Look Everyday

Your office dress code calls for a polished and professional look every day. Despite those late shifts, extended meetings, and deadlines, you still want to look fabulous at workand makeup can help.

Makeup can be your best friend at work since it effectively hides dark circles, stress marks and dull skin.  Nevertheless, it is important not to wear too much or too little makeup when you dress for work. Choosing too little or too much with your business professional attire can ruin your look, making you look garish.

You don't have to worry, though, as we've got you covered. The following guide will show you how to apply subtle and confident office makeup that will stick with you throughout the day.

#1 Make Base Your Bae—Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize, Prime

The best way to prepare your skin for makeup is with a good cleaning & toning routine followed by primer.

Apply a layer of primer before applying makeup to minimize the appearance of wide pores, to create a smooth canvas for your workplace makeup products, and to prolong the life of your makeup. Using a moisturizing primer will also hydrate your skin and keep you feeling smooth all day long.

#2 Flawless Skin Always Wins—CC Cream for a Quick Lit Face!

Foundation is an absolute no-no for an everyday office professional look. When you're in a well-lit office setting, you'll need a lightweight formula that doesn't appear cakey or unnatural. 

A CC cream is a great alternative, as it moisturizes the skin, provides UV protection, and evens out the tone of the skin. The light coverage formula is ideal for everyday use, since it doesn't dry out the skin or settle into fine lines like foundations.

Plus, you can sleep for an extra five minutes each morning by avoiding two major skincare steps!

#3 Conceal Trouble Areas—Shift the Focus on Your Real Glow

A concealer is truly a godsend, since it can conceal almost every flaw on the skinfrom dark circles and blemishes to uneven skin tone and pores. You can therefore take some a good, HD finish concealer and lightly dab it only on the areas you need to conceal after applying your CC cream.

For a perfectly natural finish, use your fingers to apply concealer. Heat from your fingertip helps blend the concealer better and gives your complexion a flawless appearance.

#4 Go for a Subtle Contour—Neat & Formal

Contouring is the step of your makeup routine that either makes or breaks your appearance. Too much will make it look overdone, but the right will define your best features. Choose a contour shade at least two to three shades darker than your natural skin tone to achieve a happy medium. 

In order to achieve a subtle contour, we recommend applying the product to the top of your head, along the sides of your nose, over the jawline, and blending seamlessly. 

#5 Next, Cheeky Flush—Natural Rougy Glow

After your base is set, apply a soft or neutral shade of blush to your cheeks. Make your face look brighter and awake with this small yet important office makeup step. 

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Adding a dash of blush to your face can enhance your features and make you look sophisticated and formal. To get natural-looking flushed cheeks, lightly dab some product on your fingertip and blend outwards.

#6 Subtly Enhance Your Eyes—Save the Loud Shades for Parties! ;)

Make your eyes stand out with eyeliner, but don't overdo it with thick black eyeliner and glittery eyeshadowthose are for a girls' night out, not for your office makeup. If you intend to wear eyeshadow, choose soft shades such as browns or bronzes. 

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Eyeliner and kohl are great for defining your eyes, but keep it thin and precise, and avoid anything too dramatic. With a precise line, your face will look neater and you'll look like a major boss lady.

#7 Define Your Eyebrows—Get, Set, Brow!

If you have sparse eyebrows, you can sculpt and define them using an eyebrow pencil. Once the brows are set, use a strong hold brow wax, which keeps them tame all day without feeling hard or crunchy.

#8 Skip the False Eyelashes—Keep It Real with Mascara

Keep fake eyelashes for the holiday party, not for the average Monday through Friday. They might make you look awake and wide-eyed, but they aren't a match for the business attire for women. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if your false lashes had come off during your meeting?

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Instead of falsies, go for a light layer of volumizing and lengthening mascara. Make sure the product you choose is waterproof and sails you through a rough and sweaty day at work.

#9 Accentuate Your Pout—But Mind the Shades

The best lipstick for work is a subtle shade. For soft, hydrated lips throughout the day, start by hydrating them with a lip balm

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Finish off your office makeup with a beige or brown lipstick shade from a comfy 9-5 long-stay lipstick. Using this long-lasting and super comfortable lipstick means you won't have to touch up after a meal or coffee. No one wants to be caught with faded lipstick!

#10 Nail It—Coz You Always Do, Boss Lady!

Glittery and bejeweled nails look out of place with work outfits, which means nail art lovers will have to keep their experiments to the weekends. 

Make sure that you keep your nails clean and always get them manicured. It's best to go for light pinks and neutral nail colors because they are gorgeous and also because they go with almost any outfit, so you don't have to worry about changing your nail color every day.

#11 Bring a Little Makeup Bag—Smart As You Are

Maintain a small touch-up kit in your work bag, which contains all the cosmetics you might need to touch up. The kit might include powder, blotting papers, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, mist, mascara, tinted moisturizer, and eyeliner. A midday touch-up will refresh your appearance and help you keep your game face on from nine to five!

Summing Up

Viola! Now you're ready to slay your makeup with this guide to business attire makeup.

We know doing makeup for a professional office look is a daunting process. But fret not. Follow these simple makeup tips to look fresh and confident at work every day and ace your office makeup.