Here's How to Use Rhinestones & Pearls to Up Your Makeup Game

Here's How to Use Rhinestones & Pearls to Up Your Makeup Game

There have been a lot of "extra" eye makeup trends this year. Graphic shapes? Been there. Colorful eyeliner and mascara? Done that. Rhinestones, gems, and pearl makeup on top? Bring it on but how to do makeup with rhinestones?

The iconic Euphoria rhinestone makeup look has collectively taught us that gemstones can elevate any makeup look to angelic heights. A glitter eyeliner or colorful eyeshadow adorned with rhinestones or pearls, adds an ethereal element and an elevated drama to the look, making it more exceptional.

Do you also want to hop on this latest pearl eyeliner & rhinestone makeup trend, but aren’t sure where to start? Well, let this article be your guide to eye makeup with gems Keep scrolling.

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How to Create the Gemstone Makeup Look?

Keep your gemstone & pearl eye makeup in place by brushing up on a few basics before you start bedazzling your face.

Prep Before You Sparkle

It's important for you to gather all the necessary products before we move on to how to stick the stones for your perfect embellished rhinestone or pearl makeup look.

Make sure your vanity or bathroom counter is equipped with tweezers, eyelash glue, an oil-based makeup remover, and rhinestones or pearls of your choice. 

It's all about convenience!

Layout the Glue

The best way to apply glue to gems is to lay it out on a palette instead of applying directly from the tube. This way, you will avoid using too much glue at once.

Before using any adhesive, you should conduct a patch test on a small spot, such as your inner wrist or elbow. By doing this, you are preventing your face from being exposed to substances that can cause a negative reaction.

Scout the Perfect Location

You can avoid reapplying smudged eyeshadow bases by planning where your gems will be placed in advance, i.e. well before adding lash glue. Then, you'll want to apply rhinestones as if you were applying mascara—with your eyes wide open. 

While you apply rhinestones or pearls to your face, look directly into the mirror so you can see how they will stick. This way, the gemstones will remain visible instead of disappearing into the crease.

Add Rhinestones and Pearls 

To avoid making mistakes like a newbie (even though you are one), we suggest placing your phone or an inspiration photo against the mirror so that you have a stable framework as a working reference.


Using your tweezers, carefully select the gem that you wish to use. Then, dip the rhinestone into the adhesive glue on the palette and stick it anywhere you want. For best results, tweeze or push the rhinestone down until it is securely in place and won't move. Continue adding gems until the gemstone makeup look is complete!

When it comes to removing your rhinestone makeup masterpiece, use a remover with an oil base to speed up the process.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Just like any new technique, this one has a learning curve. You have to practice so the gems don't just fall out of your grip and scatter. Be prepared to find some little pearls and gemstones stuck to your legs or scattered throughout your housetrust us, it's all part of the process.

Gemstone Makeup Looks to Make a Sparkly Statement

Not Your Ordinary Winged Liner

A pearl or rhinestone eyeliner along your upper lash line is one of the easiest ways to make your eyeliner look more glamorous. 

Use a smudge-resistant eyeliner formula to create the shape of your choice. The Ultime Pro Mini A Matte Made In Heaven Ink EyeLiner is our favorite since it has intense pigment and a fast-drying formula that sets to a matte finish within seconds. Consider adding a few rhinestone accents or covering the entire wing with gems to embellish your liner.

Better Than Glitter Brows

There are more ways to wear rhinestone eye makeup than just on your eyelids. You can also add a few embellishments to your eyebrows to make them the star of the show.

In order to create this vibe, you'll want to fill in your brows with the Ultime Pro Brow Defining Pencil. Here, strong brows are key, so this tip is ideal for creating definition and shaping your arch. After you've blended the pencil using the spoolie, add a few rhinestones or pearls throughout your brows. This is a simple way to add a dose of rhinestone makeup glam to your everyday makeup.

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Gem-Lined Creases

Applying rhinestones to your eye creases will achieve a super-subtle rhinestone makeup look.

The Ultime Pro Eyeshadow Palette has beautiful beige-to-brown shades that you can use to paint your lids, then add small, pretty gems to your inner or outer corners to achieve this rhinestone makeup glam look. 

Make Your Temples the Star

Want to highlight your facial structure? Let your temples take center stage with this makeup look with rhinestones. 

To start, we recommend using the Ultime Pro BlendFinity Stick Illuminator on the high points of your face to create a dewy, glowing base. Put the larger stones around your eye with your tweezer in a "V" shape. If you want to highlight your cheekbones, go for a high ponytail or a sleek bun.

Party on Your Cheekbones 

Try scattering crystals on your cheekbones to take your blush game up a notch. 

Put on your favorite blush—we recommend Faces Canada Perfect Blush—and then place the small embellishments all over your face, starting from your temples and working your way down.

Gemstone Eyeshadow

Your crystal makeup will catch everyone's attention when you dress it up with bright, colorful eyeshadow. 

Paint your lids in a shimmery color using the Ultime Pro Starry Eyes The Ultimate 18 Eyeshadow and a makeup brush for a perfect eye makeup with gems. Add the jeweled gemstones for a look that will always be a hit. 

And of course, Embellished Nails

How can we not talk about embellishing nails with rhinestones!

A perfectly apple nail polish and ont he top of it, cherry on cake—shiny rhinestones—what can be better than this for a nail art sesh?

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The Bottom Line

Whether it's the Euphoria craze, or simply people being bored with the same old basic cat-eye look, there’s no denying that the crystal eyeliner trend has swept all the beauty lovers!

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And we don’t want you to be left behind in the race. That's why we've created this step-by-step rhinestone makeup guide for you!

Try one of the looks detailed above—or simply curate one for yourself—and let us know how it turned out in the comments section below!