How to Rock a Soft Glam Look Like a Pro

How to Rock a Soft Glam Look Like a Pro

While most makeup trends come and go, there are a few that remain popular forever—and soft glam makeup look is definitely one of them.


Taking the 'no makeup' style up a notch, the soft glam makeup look is still—well—glam, but done in a way that feels lighter and softer. Think of a face full of makeup, but toned down in intensity. The result is a blended look that comes off as natural, without the use of stark contoured lines, heavy eyeliner, or any sharp or defined features.

A soft glam makeup look is a great choice for those of us who enjoy wearing heavy makeup, but occasionally want something a bit more toned down. So, are you ready to jump on board this trend and know how to do soft glam makeup look? Read on!

#1 Start With the Prep

Great makeup begins with good skin. It is best to begin your makeup routine by thoroughly cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your face. 

While primer isn't necessary, makeup experts recommend applying it nonetheless. A primer refines the look of pores to achieve a more polished appearance. For the best results, go with a primer that comes with an inbuilt moisturizer.

#2 Even Out the Complexion

In addition to having a skin-care routine that keeps your complexion dewy and bright, you will want to use a lightweight foundation to start off your soft glam makeup routine. Make sure you choose a seamless coverage foundation that blurs imperfections and stays on throughout the day.

You can also opt for a more natural look by ditching your foundation altogether in favor of CC cream or a tinted moisturizer, which will enhance your skin instead of hiding it. Create an even base by blending the product over your face using a damp beauty blender.

#3 Conceal & Brighten Any Imperfections

If you conceal under your eyes with a concealer that is multiple shades lighter than your skin tone, you will create a stark contrast, not a natural-looking glow.

Rather, use a lightweight, creamy concealer in a shade lighter than your skin and blend it with your fingertips beneath your under-eye area. It will work to conceal dark circles and illuminate the area without being too harsh.

Also, don’t forget to apply the concealer to any spots on your face you wish to conceal or highlight, such as blemishes, the nose bridge, and the chin.

#4 Go for a Subtle Contour

If contouring is your thing, keep it on the light side since this soft glam makeup tutorial does not include any hard lines. You should use a bronzer or foundation that is a few shades darker than your natural color and blend it in really well.

Pro Tip: In case you don’t have a cream bronzer handy, spritz your powder bronzer with the setting spray, dip your brush into it, and apply it to your face. Like this:



As a beginner, apply the product underneath your cheekbones (or underneath your forehead and nose, depending upon which features you want to highlight) and then buff it into the skin with a makeup brush.

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#5 Add Some Natural Flush

Adding blush to your soft glam makeup look is optional, but your face looks youthful and vibrant with flushed cheeks. If you choose to apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, go for a powder version to enhance the soft-focus effect. Make sure you're using a natural looking blush that boasts a slight shimmer for added glow without looking too 'extra'.

You can see the apples of your cheeks by smiling. Use the butt of a beauty blender to stipple the blush on it. Next, you can blend out the edges with your fingers.

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#6 Create a Soft Eyeliner 

The best way to achieve a soft, elevated makeup look is to use eyeshadow in place of eyeliner. By using eyeshadow as opposed to bold liquid liner, you can achieve a more diffused effect. 

After priming your eyes with concealer, dip your angled eyeliner brush into a matte shadow color of your choice. To give your eyes a lift and create a wing-shaped effect, gently flick the brush outwards at the outer corners of your upper lash line.

#7 Eyeshadow — Or Not

Even though you can completely skip eyeshadow in favor of eyeliner, a simple wash of metallic color over your eyelids will enhance your look even further.

To apply it, dip your finger into the eyeshadow palette of your choice and blend it gently over your eyelid.

#8 Untouched Brows

When it comes to nailing the perfect soft glam makeup look, you should also keep your eyebrows as natural as possible. 

Start from the arch and work your way toward the end with a fine-tipped brow pencil. After you've filled the brows in a little bit — but not too much — use a spoolie to soften the color. When the brows have been filled in, dab brow gel directly into the hairs without rubbing off on the skin.

#9 Layer on Mascara

Use a volumizing mascara to give your eyes definition.

Apply one coat if you prefer a more natural look. If you want more definition, add one or two additional coats. 

#10 Use a Soft Lip Color

A natural-looking lip color is a defining feature of a soft glam makeup look. 

Choose a nude lip color that isn't too far off from your natural color. Don't know where to start? Just go one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. If you plan to use lip liner, make sure that the edges are softened with a brush.

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#11 Lastly, Lock the Look with Makeup Fixer

Set your look with a setting spray to ensure it lasts all day. The advantage of using a setting spray over powder is that it prevents powder and cakey appearances. 

The Bottom Line

If you want to master a flattering soft glam makeup look, you're in the right place. The soft glam makeup ideas & looks we shared above are simple, polished, and perfect for any occasion.

Try these soft glam makeup ideas now—and let us know how it turned out in the comments section below!

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