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7 Beauty Hacks for Flawless Skin in 2022

We see a lot of beauty hacks & makeup hacks that we never really use because they’re confusing. But who doesn’t want flawless skin? If there are beauty hacks that I can really do, they should be with few ingredients and under 5 minutes. So I've brought you 7 easy beauty hacks that anyone can do.

21 Hilarious Makeup Memes 2021 Blessed Us with

We makeup lovers face a lot of troubles, sometimes funny troubles. And what can explain troubles of makeup lovers better than makeup memes! We found 21 seriously funny makeup memes that will drive you crazy enough to laugh and cry at the same time, and, sorry to say, make you look like meme #5.

15 Bollywood Makeup Looks that Set our Hearts on Fire in 2021
There’s makeup and then there’s makeup that slays left and right. Bollywood celebrity makeup looks fall into the third category - absolutely stunning! We have curated a few of our favorite 2021 Bollywood celebrity makeup looks. Check it out & pick your NYE party makeup look!
Beat the Post-Holiday Monday Blues with 5 Upbeat Lipsticks
Holidays are always gone in a blink, and then? Monday Blues… That’s just why we have already worked on the cure! We’ve got you 5 super-upbeat lipsticks that would turn your Monday blues into bright smiles.
10 Christmas Makeup Looks to Complement Your Christmas Party Outfit this Year!
No matter what you’re wearing for the Christmas party, it’s ultimately the Christmas makeup that you choose, that makes it all worth it. So, we’re here with 10 Christmas makeup ideas that would make you the most attractive thing, the second one being the Christmas Tree, of course.
5 things Your Travel Makeup Bag Needs—Glow on the Go

Travel means fun, new friends, happening places, but also sunburn, messy hair, and skin damage, making a travel makeup kit essential. Because who wants to look burnt, blotchy, and unkempt in those memorable photos!

Secret Santa Gifts for Colleagues that Makeup Lovers would Love!

Another Christmas, another secret Santa at work, and yet another year of confusion—what to gift your colleagues? Fret not, we have resolved your problem! We've brought you ideas that could make the perfect Secret Santa gifts for colleagues, especially for the makeup lovers!

10 Major Spring-Summer 2022 Beauty Trends We Can’t Wait for!
We have brought you the upcoming 2022 Spring-Summer collection trends so you get to stay ahead of everyone else! And the even more exciting part is that spring-summer 2022 promises to bring back some of our favorite early 2000s makeup trends!
From Lips to Eyes—5 Winter Wedding Makeup Hacks to Slay Any Event

There are two things—makeup, and makeup for Indian weddings. And trust me, Indian wedding makeup is a different ballgame. And winter wedding makeup is even more trickier. But we have got you covered! We’ve done our homework and brought you 5 winter wedding makeup hacks so you could slay that December wedding like your skin is still in April.

This 5-Minute Zoom Makeup Routine Can Save Your Face, Literally
We know how it feels to wake up startled with a zoom meeting reminder. But fret not, for we have brought an infallible 5-minute zoom makeup routine. It's a savior with the easy technique and a simple routine that can save you the puffy-eyes embarrassment. Use this quick makeup routine the next time you oversleep on a Monday morning!
Winter is Coming! Here are 8 Much-Needed Autumn/Winter Makeup Tips
Winter is coming. And we all know how everything changes with seasons, including makeup. Winter makeup is not just about switching from powdery to creamy, but more about winter skincare routine, and an overall switch from spring-summer to autumn-winter look! Here are some winter makeup tips & tricks you may find useful.
Eyeliner Tips & Tricks Shaky Hands and Clumsy Fingers

Eye makeup seems so easy, but when you're a beginner it becomes a task to even draw one straight line. But we've got your back! That's why we've brought you eyeliner tips for beginners that will help you get your eye makeup on fleek without having to struggle much!

Here’s the Sure Shot Way to Pick the Perfect Foundation Online
It's always difficult to find the perfect foundation shade, especially in today's time when we're mostly buying makeup online. But wehave done some homework to make buying the perfect foundation shade online easier for you.
Here's How to Apply Liquid Lipstick the Right Way
We've brought you some liquid lipstick hacks for beginners. Although it takes practice to perfect, we have some sure-shot liquid lipstick dos and don’ts. Once you learn the best way to apply liquid lipstick, you'll surely get better and soon transform from the second to the first type!
5 Gorgeous Lipstick Trends for Your Next Brunch Party
Going to a brunch party with friends or throwing a home brunch party? You will never have to worry about your look with these awesome brunch party lipstick trends we've cherrypicked for you! Read ahead to know how you can slay any brunch party with our 5 favorite brunch makeup looks and lipstick shades.
7 Makeup Products under 399 to Change Your Makeup Game
We know no one can put a price tag on beauty. But sometimes getting flawless makeup at amazing prices can make your day, right? So, here are 7 awesome makeup products under Rs.399 each to completely up your makeup game!
It’s More Important than Ever Now to Switch to Paraben-free Makeup? But Why?
We all often talk about how we must use paraben-free makeup products. But do we know why it is more important than ever now to stop using makeup products with paraben? Let's discuss why it is wiser to switch to natural, paraben-free makeup products.